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Sens-1W-UDI86 Multifunction Sensor

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Analog and digital inputs for the 1-Wire UNI bus. Sens-1W-UDI86 features six dry contact digital inputs and eight 0-15V analog inputs. Electrically isolated, requires a 12VDC power supply.

Sens-1W-UDI86 features 14 independent 1-Wire UNI sensors: 6 digital inputs for dry contacts and 8 analog inputs for measuring 0-15VDC. Sens-1W-UDI86 requires a 12VDC power supply.

Analog and digital inputs are divided into two electrically isolated groups (3x DI, 4x U-analog). Each group has a common ground (negative pole). Analog inputs can be used to directly measure voltage, or to connect other physical sensors with voltage output (sound level meters, gas level meters, and so on). Six digital inputs can be used for door contacts, motion or smoke detectors, etc.

Sens-1W-UDI86 can be connected to a Poseidon 4002, Poseidon 4001 or SiteMon5 unit.

Basic features

  • Inputs:
    • 8x Voltage input, 0-15VDC
    • 6x Digital (dry contact) input
  • Output: 1-Wire UNI bus
  • Electrical isolation: Electrically isolated from the 1-Wire UNI bus, 2 internally isolated groups of inputs. Each group consists of 4 analog and 3 digital inputs.
  • Design: Fits on a DIN rail
  • Power: 12VDC

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  • Inputs AIN1-AIN8
    • Measured range: 8x 0-15VDC
    • Accuracy 2%
    • Internal A/D converter: 10 bits
    • Electrically isolated from 1Wire: Yes
  • Inputs DIN1-DIN6
    • Max. cable length 50m
    • Electrically isolated from 1Wire: Yes
  • External power: 12VDC / 100mA
  • Dimensions:  145 x 90 x 40 mm
  • Designed to fit on a 35mm DIN rail
  • Operating temperature range: -25 to +70°C


Product Description
Sens-1W-UDI86 Sens-1W-UDI86 Multifunction Sensor combines 6 digital (dry contact) inputs and 8 analog inputs that accept 0-15VDC. Requires an external 12VDC power supply.
Warning: Product not available any more.




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