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EZL-80 and EZL-80c - WiFi converter - RS-232/TTL

EZL-80 and EZL-80c is an universal RS232 (TTL) converter  for a wireless data transfer via WiFi 802.11b. The module si then connected with a WiFi card containing a radio part. Without further programming the module can be connected directly to the serial port of microcontrollers or intelligent sensors.


A built-in EZL-80 converter supports conversion from a TTL serial line to a standard WiFi (Wireless LAN) IEE802.11b which mediates wireless Ethernet in the frequency band 2.4 to 2.4835 GHz by a DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) method. This way it's possible to reach the wireless data transfer up to the distance of hundreds of meters by the TCP/IP protocol and send data to any Access Point in a LAN network.

Because the module supports the conversion of a TTL 3.3V serial data signal, it's suitable for direct connection to the serial line of master microcontrollers and CPU. The configuration change can be simply achieved by AT command sequence of a directly connected microcontroller.

Division into 2 types:

  • EZL - 80 - embedded module for transmitting WiFi PCMCIA card without directly integrated slot on the module board.
  • EZL - 80c - embedded module with integrated slot for a WiFi Compact Flash.

EZL - 80 Module

EZL-80 module (detail)


EZL - 80c module






EZL-80c module(contains WiFi CF card slot) (detail)


  • To ease the application development, a complete Kit for EZL-80c can be ordered => EZL-90 (see picture on the right)EZL-90
  • Ethernet Network ( WiFi IEEE 802.11b ) - EZL-80c - slot for a WiFi CF card, EZL-80 - port for WiFi CF and PCMCIA card (signals only)
  • 1x serial port 3.3V UART/TLL accessible via WiFi Ethernet
  • Virtual serial port (ezVSP) for Windows  - in your PC for example as a serial port COM 7 
  • Devices together can wirelessly interconnect serial port over WiFi.
  • Intuitive simple configuration software for Windows (by means of  WiFi, RS-232, AT commands), very easy installation
  • Data safety - support of all safety precautions for WiFi technology - SSID, WEP 64bit/128bit coding, selection of communication channel, password-protected access into settings
  • External DC 3.3V power supply unit


Datasheets & Links


Data sheet for EZL-80 (1 page)
EZL-80 datasheet
Detailed manual for EZL-80 (39 pages)
EZL-80 manual
Data sheet for EZL-80c (1 page)
EZL-80c datasheet
Detailed manual for EZL-80c (37 pages)
EZL-80c manual



EZL-80 converter, or EZL-80c, is connected to the device communicating via serial transmission. Opposite side is represented by other WiFi device (in so called Ad-hoc mode) or WiFi AP (Access Point), which accesses serial port over classic Ethernet network. In case of using more WiFi Access Points connected into single network the converter can move freely between them.

  • Remote sensors' comunication (e.g. electronical thermometers) and PC.
  • Wireless data transmission for projection of information on displays.
  • Immediate data retrieving of the MaR system (Measuring and Regulation) by a notebook or PDA attendance.
  • Wireless realization of factory networks with connection to LAN and Internet.
  • Security systems
  • Remote controlling of mobile machines
  • Data synchronization of portable devices with PC
  • Wireless communication of measuring devices (multimeters, oscilloscopes and others)


EZL - 80
 600x 35x 9[mm] (H x W x D )
 2x24 pins (JP1& JP2) - 2mm pin header - male
JP1 Signals JP2 Signals
1 - 2, 11 -12 GND 1 - 2, 13 -14 GND
3 Serial RXD 3 Reset
4 Serial TXD 5 - 11 Address for WiFi card
7 Link LED 12 Chip select PCMCIA/CF
8 Status LED 15 Reset Card
9 WiFi RXD LED 16 Attribute Write
10 WiFi TXD LED 17, 18 IO Read, Write
13 - 20 Data for WiFi Card 21 Wait PCMCIA/CF
21, 22 Serial RTS,CTS 22 Card Detect
23 -24 Power 3.3V 23 -24 Power 3.3V


EZL - 80c
 600x 56x 10[mm] (H x W x D )
 1x16 pins (JP1) - 2.54mm pin header - male
JP1 Signals
1 Power 3.3V
2 Serial RXD
3 Serial TXD
5, 6 Serial RTS, CTS
7 Reset (active low)
8 Link LED
9 Status LED
10 Wireless LAN RXD LED
11 Wireless LAN TXD LED


Serial port  
+ Data bits 7 or 8
+ Parity None / Odd / Even
+ Baud rates 1.2 .. 115.2 kBd - whole range (full duplex).
+ Data flow control CTS/RTS, None
+ Interface TTL, 3.3V level
EZL-80: 2mm pin header - male (RxD,TxD,RTS,CTS,GND)
EZL-80c: 2.54mm pin header - male (RxD,TxD,RTS,CTS,GND)
+ Used RS-232 signals RxD,TxD,RTS,CTS
- RTS and CTS pins are used after activation only
+ Buffer size 1 kbytes reception buffer and 512 bytes transmission buffer
Ethernet port  
+ Interface EZL-80: interface signals for CF and PCMCIA cards - 2mm male pin header
EZL-80c: CF card slot (16bit, 3.3V)
(WiFi - Prism 2.5 compatible interface)
+ Compatibility WiFi - IEEE802.11b Wireless LAN (infrastructure/ad-hoc)
+ Supported protocols TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP, ARP, DHCP, WEP
+ TCP connection closing Data - timeout (optional)
+ Security WEP 64/128bit (optional), SSID, channel number
+ Antenne Integrated or Integrated + Ext. MMCX connector (PCMCIA only)
Environmental conditions  
+ Operating temperature 0– 70 °C
Physical parameters  
+ Voltage requirements 3.3V DC
- 2 mm (EZL-80) or 2.54 mm (EZL-80c) pin connector
+ Dimensions EZL-80: 600x 35x 9[mm] (H x W x D )
EZL-80c: 600x 56x 10[mm] (H x W x D )
+ Weight EZL-80: 11g
EZL-80c: 16g
Functional parameters  
Device SETUP configuration possibilities  - over any RS-232 - ezSerialConfig Windows software
 - over any serial - AT commands
 - over WiFi - ezConfig Windows software
 - firmware download over RS-232 (ISP mode) - wflash Windows software
LED diagnostic LINK & Activity on serial and WLAN
- only signals are in the connector


Ethernet communication  modes :

Converter can behave as a client/server device according to chosen MUX TYPE (function modes):


Communication mode Protocol Connection Type  
T2S TCP Passive = TCP Server Converter listens on the selected port and awaits client's connection which can thereafter send or receive data
ATC TCP TCP Client or TCP Server Communication is operated by transmitting AT commands over serial line which allows setting of the client/server mode (COD, T2S).
COD TCP Active = TCP Client Converter establishes connection when RS-232 port receives the data and allows a transmission.
U2S UDP Point-to-Point Broadcast Defined TCP port awaits data and sends them to IP address without a transmission control. This allows using a broadcast.


Other supported communication protocols : ARP, EZCFG, DHCP


Program ezVSP (Virtual Serial Port):

  • Program installation is conditioned by an ownership of at least one module.
  • During installation it's necessary to enter the MAC address of the module and a key which is obtained by a registration on Sollae webpage. Further installation description can be found in the program manual.


Configuration via ezSerialConfig:

  • To create contact between configuration program and the module, the communication WiFi card must not be connected.
  • Configured baud rate of a module's serial port doesn't affect the communication speed at configuration (communication baud rate is 19200bps)
  • Do not confuse the EzSerialConfig program for EZL-80 with the same program for EZL-300W. They are two different programs.



  • The connection of the module's serial port and the application must be performed by so called "zero mode" principle. That means connection of the RxD - TxD and RTS - CTS pins from the view of both ends of the connecting cable.
  • Considering the supply voltage 3.3V it's necessary for reliable function to use a WiFi card for operation at the 3.3V level.



  • Actual prices can be found in the pricelist.


Download software

  • ezConfig softwareezConfig - for module configuration from PC via LAN and WiFi.
    Allows setting parameters for Ethernet and serial transmision.
  • (85kB)
  • ezSerialConfig SoftwareezSerialConfig - for module configuration via serial RS-232 interface
    Allows to configure all parameters (for WiFi, Ethernet, serial transmission).
  • (17kB)
  • wflash programwflash - for loading firmware via RS-232.
    The latest firmware can be freely downloaded from producer's webpage.
  • (69kB)
  • hotflash - for firmware loading via WiFi
  • (97kB)
  • ezTerm softwareezTerm - for testing communication (terminal for PC)
  • (69kB)
  • ez Virtual Serial Port softwareezVSP - Virtual Serial Port for Windows - creates on the PC a virtual serial port (e.g. COM 7) which can be referenced by other programs and communicated as with the RS-232 interface even though the data transfer is actually via TCP/IP.
    Note: Program is intended for Windows 2000/XP only
  • (4,3MB)


Note: All programs (except ezVSP) work under Windows 98 and higher


FAQ & support..

Ask for the price or details:
 - Web:  http://
Country: *

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Question: I'm a little bit confused. What is then the difference between versions 80 and 80C?
Answer: : In the 80 version there's no connector for a WiFi card assembled and this connector must be placed on a mainboard. Version 80c presumes usage of a CF WiFi card and the connector for this card is therefore already mounted.

Question: So it's possible to connect a CF card to the EZL-8O?
Answer: Yes but the module must be mounted into your printed circuit which would contain a connector for a PCMCIA or CF card on it. Both technologies are nearly the same and even notebooks are connected with CF cards only via a mechanical reduction.

Question: Is it necessary to program the module some way if I only need a simple GateWay from RS-232 (TTL) to TCP/IP or UDP/IP?
Answer: NO, you only need to use the module and set necessary parameters. You don't have to program anything!

Question: Would the module work as a Virtual Serial Port under Windows?
Answer: YES, the converter fully supports the function of remote Virtual Serial Port through TCP/IP. Moreover the producer offers free program ezVSP to download. It's only necessary to register and give the MAC address of the module you've bought.

Question: Is it possible to configure the module also by other means than through Windows programs?
Answer: YES, by the means of AT commands through serial port and any terminal. The sequence of ASCII chars as AT commands can be thus transmitted even from singlechip microcontroller. The list of usable AT commands with examples of correct configuration sequences contains the detailed manual for specific module.

Question:  Is it possible to change a FirmWare in the module ?
Answer:  Yes it is, innovated FirmWares can be downloaded from the Sollae's webpage ( and load into the module via RS-232 and wflash program or via WiFi-Ethernet by the means of the program hotflash.

Question:  What is the difference between the EZL-80 a EZL-80c converters ?
Answer:  Built-in module EZL-80 does not contain an integrated slot for broadcast WiFi card. It only provides necessary signals for the slot on its port's pins. This allows minimalizing the size, card selection option (PCMCIA or Compact Flash) and placing it outside of the module itself. Module EZL-80c has already integrated slot for WiFi Compact Flash card on its body. The difference is then in slots, connectors and therefore size of the modules. All other is the same.

Question:  Does a kit for WiFi PCMCIA card exist ?
Answer:  There are some samples within the frame of distributors and producer (Sollae company) but this kit is not yet intended for sale. But an encased module EZL-300W Lite can be chosen instead which already contains the slot for a PCMCIA card. Other its properties (conversion, configuration etc.) are consistent with the EZL-80 module.

Question:  Does the built-in module with already integrated slot for PCMCIA card exist?
Answer:  No, slot for such a large card cannot be directly integrated on the module with in reference to keep its small proportions, low weigh and sufficient mechanic strength. It's possible to use encased EZL-300W Lite module as an alternative, which already has built-in slot for a PCMCIA card.

Question:  Does the ezVSP (Virtual Serial Port) software allow creating more than one virtual port?
Answer:  Yes, this software allows to set up to 127 virtual ports on one PC. Detailed guide on this can be found in the program's manual which is free to download on this page in menu item "Datasheets".


More Sollae WiFi converters:

  • EZL-90 - kit for the EZL-80c modules containing converter RS-232, LED indication and power supply
  • EZL-300W - complete encased converter with a LED indication and power supply
  • EZL-300W Lite - simpler EZL-300W module version