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HWg-CS23: Cabinet door monitoring over IP (E-mail and SNMP)

Example of a remote door, temperature and humidity monitoring solution.  Whenever a door opens, a notification is sent by e-mail or SNMP. Supplied door contacts fit any door, or even the side boards of a 19" rack.


  • Receive the email when the door cabinet (19" rack) are opened.
  • It is possible to set a delay between opening the door and sending the alarm.
  • E-mail or SNMP trap alerts to excessive temperature / humidity


  • Rack door accidentally left open
  • Equipment overheating
  • Unauthorized access to a rack
  • A/C failures
  • Temperature in the room gradually rising
Solution benefits
  • Immediate alert to rack access
  • Server room access history archived in your e-mail
  • Check the temperature, humidity and door status remotely over the web.
  • Receive timely warnings to rising temperature by e-mail
  • Simple control with the built-in Web server
Receive the email when the door cabinet (19" rack) are opened.

Technical description

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 - Web:  http://

  • Poseidon 3266 is connected to an Ethernet 10/100 Mbit network
  • Configuration and control over the Poseidon GUI (WEB server)
  • Sensors are daisy-chained using a telephone cable (RJ11)
  • Each sensor has its own ID, textual name and alarm threshold settings
  • Two out of four inputs for contacts are fitted with magnetic door sensors
  • For each sensor, the alert can be sent if the alarm that lasts longer than X seconds (alarm delay)
  • Alarm alerts can be redirected to SMS with one or more recipients (supplied SW PD Trigger)


Ordering numbers

  • 600 253  Poseidon 3266 Tset
  • 600 344  HTemp-1Wire Box2
  • 600 371  Door Contact MK4




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Receive the email when the door cabinet (19" rack) are opened.