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HWg-CS52: M-Bus and S0 pulse counter energy metering

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Case study how to mix old (S0) and new (M-Bus) gas, electricity or water meeters in one system and provide remote energy consumption metering. to the Ethernet and read values by SNMP or Modbus/TCP protocol.
It's using pulse output from the 3rd party meters (S0 interface) connected to the Ethernet I/O unit Damocles. Each Digital Input on the Damocles unit cotains 32. bit pulse counter. Value of this counter can be read out by web and thought all M2M protocols (SNMP, XML, Modbus/TCP).

  • You can use any 3rd party energy meter with pulse output (S0)
  • Connect S0 pulse output from the meter to the DI (Digital input). Damocles unit is s0 pulse counter with ethernet output.
  • M2M output: SNMP, Modbut/TCP, XML (HTTP)
  • Software: PDMS + XML overview to MS Excel
  • Electrical energy consumption monitoring for datacenters
  • S0 to SNMP conversion
    Compatible with
  • S0 to Modbus/TCP conversion (most of the SCADA systems)
  • Energy consumption monitoring,
  • Digital pulses counter
  • Can be used with currently existing 3rd party energy meters
    (S0 pulse output required)
  • Compatible with any S0 electricity / gas / water meter
  • With HWg-PDMS software you can convert pulses to [kWh] or [m3] or [l] and analyze just consumption within defined time period.
  • Several Damocles models with 4 or 12 or 24 Digital Inputs
You can use any 3rd party energy meter with pulse output (S0) to convert energy to SNMP

Technical description

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  • The 3rd party energy meter has S0 pulse output
  • S0 output is connected to the Digital input of the Damocles unit.
    There are several models availale with 4 or 12 or 24 Digital Inputs (DI). All Damocles units has 32. digital counter on every single DI.
  • A number of S0 pulses responding to defined amount of energy consumption (e.g. 1 000 pulses = 1 kWh). This ratio is defined by 3rd party energy meter.
  • Pulse counter can be checked on the web (flash) interface on the Damocles unit.
  • Pulse counter for each DI (each energy meter) is available on the LAN by:
    • SNMP
    • XML (by http)
    • Modbus/TCP
  • You can handle the counters in the HWg-PDMS software.
    • The PDMS collects data from all connected sensors.
    • Inside PDMS you can convert pulses to energy (for example 1000 pulses = 1kWh)
    • The PDMS software can handle device restarts and counter resets
    • The PDMS can export energy consumption to MS Excel as list of 5 or 15 minutes differences


M-Bus or S0 pulse counter?

  • S0 is old system to count pulses. Each puls is equal to certain amount of energy. For example 1000 pulses = 1 kWh.
    The user can monitor only absolute energy consumption within the time.
  • The M-Bus (EN 13757-2) is a standard in energy metering. As opposed to pulse counters (S0), it works with absolute values (acquired data can be used as an argument against the utility bill). At the same time allows working with additional values (quantities), such as voltage, current, flow, drift, etc.
    M-Bus meters provides values like:
    • Total electricity consumption
    • Instantaneous electricity consumption
    • Instantaneous voltages at individual lines
    • Instantaneous current flowing through each line
    • Power factor (cos ϕ) of individual lines

An allowed range of values can be configured for currents and voltages; if the instantaneous value is lower (voltage) or higher (current), an alarm is sent by e-mail or SNMP trap to your monitoring system.

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