Best Anal Beads for Bone-Numbing ORGASMS! (2020)

Even though the anus is not always associated with any pleasurable feelings, anal stimulation with the help of specially designed sex toys such as anal beads can make masturbation a lot more exciting. That’s because the butt is intended not just for turning your partner on but also for achieving increased sexual pleasure with a little bit of help. In this respect, anal beads allow strengthening feelings and intensifying sexual pleasure.


What Are Anal Beads?


Basically, this type of sex toy takes the shape of a thread with numerous balls on it. When you insert and remove these “anal toys”, your anus and rectum are stimulated providing an increased feeling of pleasure. What’s more, anal toys of this category are oriented at both women and men. There are no specific beads for either gay individuals or men in general because all of them mostly look the same despite the fact that they may come in different sizes. There are huge anal beads that are suggested to provide an even greater intensity of feelings during masturbation. However, for the most part, they are all oriented at people with the same physiology as we all have pretty identical anuses.

Types and Major Characteristics


There are diverse variations of this anal toy but most of them have the following distinctive features:


    • Differently shaped beads made of different materials;


    • Beads are interconnected with each other using a string or sometimes taking the shape of a single structure with beads being an inseparable part of a string;


  • All types of anal beads are added with a special ring at one of its ends. It plays the role of a “stopper”.

As for the ring attached to one side of the beads, it serves two major functions:


    • It makes it easier to pull the toy out of your anus when you finish;


  • It prevents the beads from getting stuck in the anal cavity.

How to Choose the Best Anal Beads?


There is a myriad of anal bead variations for sale but it is often hard to choose the right set for your personal tastes and demands. If you plan to use them continuously, it is better to consider what material they are made from. The most recommendable material would be silicone as it can be easily cleaned to remove all the bacteria from its surface. However, if you plan to just give it a try and not to use it for a long time, it is better to opt for cheaper and less elaborate alternatives. The small-sized ones are perfect for beginners. They are made from safe materials and have a ring on their end for easy removal. As such, consider the following tips when choosing anal beads:

    • Choose the size that suits your tastes the most;


    • Pick the right material;


    • If you intend to insert the entire thread of beads into your anus, then choose the ones that have a stable base attached to the beads so that you could remove them easily;


    • Consider safety precautions such as the grip handle and other security measures in place;


  • Consider the length of anal beads to know for sure which one will suit your tastes the most.

Choosing the Best Size and Length


As a rule, anal beads are available in different sizes and lengths. They can be inserted into the butt for as little or as much of the length as you wish. This is what makes such a toy absolutely perfect for beginners because you can choose your own speed of movement to guarantee that you get the most out of this pleasurable activity. Some people prefer inserting the entire length of beads into the anus, while others are satisfied with playing on the surface using a shorter length of the toy. Be that as it may, you may choose whichever type suits you the best to ensure that you enjoy this activity and take the fullest advantage out of it.

How to Use Anal Beads?


When it comes to using anal beads for self-satisfaction, it is worth noting that this type of sex toy allows exploring the world of seducing sex play to the fullest. Their design, shape, texture, and size allow maximizing the effect and achieving intense pleasure. Here are a few tips on how to use this type of sex toy:

    • Use a lubricant before inserting anal beads. It is better to use a top-quality lubricant for the anus before you insert beads into your butt. That’s because the anal canal is not supposed to be self-lubricated even when stimulated;


    • Start with slow play. If you are using anal beads for the first time, it is better to start inserting them gradually to ensure that you are ready for stimulation and feel comfortable while playing with your beads;


  • Choose a bigger size to take your sexual games to a totally new level and engage in a much more thrilling anal play. However, if you wish to stick to the small-sized ones, choose vibrating anal beads for a change. This will amplify your feelings even further.

Check out our collection of sex toys to find exactly the one that will suit your needs most and bring maximum pleasure during sex play.


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