Mobility Medical Devices

There are plenty of medical devices on the market today that can help people with specific needs. Healthy Mobility is one need that a lot of patients have issues with and one way to combat that is to find the perfect medical device to aid mobility, one of which is the walker. Many people, who find they are temporarily or permanently disabled, are in need of devices which aid their walking. HW group is a Czech dynamic technological company specialized in development, manufacturing and distribution of IoT, remote monitoring and control solutions for wide range of segments

4 Components to Evaluate

There are 4 key components you should utilize when you are purchasing a walker.

  • Safety with mobility
  • Purpose of using a Rollator walker
  • Level of comfort
  • Type of wheels
  • A Rollator walker offers three or four wheels, instead of the two which are found on standard walkers. With an additional wheel or two, those who are disabled are provided with additional mobility, though it comes at the cost of potential decreased safety. A Rollator walker offers hand brakes to stop the device whenever needed, allowing the disabled person the capability of controlling their safety. 

    Mobility Walker

    Finding the Right Tool for your Needs

    For people who have a few mobility issues but are still able to live independently out of their homes are best suited for using these walkers. Standard walkers are best, however, for those disabled persons who are limited in their ability to move from their bedroom to their bathroom. 

    Each of the models have seats but some have additional padding or back support. As mentioned, walkers come with either three or four wheels. The difference between these two far exceeds the mere number of wheels, as the models with three wheels do not have a resting seat. This means that they are best suited for those who only require limited additional support. The models with four wheels are standard which provide optimal safety and comfort in terms of their additional features. 

    Wheels and Deals

    There are certain tires which have air in them, while other tires are made of standard rubber. The standard wheels are best unless the disabled person is using the Rollator walkers for a lot of movement on surfaces which are uneven. 

    To make your purchase, you should visit medical product supply stores either in person or online. These offer a variety of discounts on the different walker models. Popular models include Nova Walkers, Invacare Rollite Rollator, and Medline Walkers. You should bear in mind whether or not the walker will be used out of doors, how much weight capacity is needed, whether the walker will need to be folded for easy transportation, whether they can work the hand breaks, whether or not they will carry objects such as a laundry basket on the walker, whether they will need an oxygen tank, and whether they will be walking on a carpeted surface or on a hardwood floor. 

    At this point, the remaining concerns include the number and type of wheels, and the color which can include blue, burgundy, green, black, or pink. Be sure to ask friends and doctors for any recommendations and test drive the walker before purchase. 

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    Water detection 


        Flood Detector LD-12

       Spot flood detection


        Sensor WLD Relay 1W-UNI

       Up to 85 meters of water detection cable (connection DI or 1Wire UNI)


        Flood detector 1W-UNI 3m

       1D water detection can be fully submerged (connection 1Wire UNI)


    Power 110/230V detection



       110/ 230 V single phase, max. load 8A


      Po wer Detector

     110/230 V voltage, relay output (max. 50V/ 13V)

    Door contact

         Door contact MK4

       Designed for door opening detection.



    You can connect to the RJ11 port (1-Wire) on all HW group monitoring devices. The sensors provide a continuous value.


    Sensor CO2 1W-UNI

    Temperature range: 0 to 50°C (IP67), Humidity range: 0 to 95% RH, CO2 range: 300 to 40000 ppm




        Temp-1Wire-Flat 3m

       Temperature range: -30 to 60°C (IP67)
       Sensor with flat cable is designed for monitoring freezers and fridges.



       Temp 1Wire Pt1000

      Temperature range: -50 to 200°C (IP67)



          Temp 1Wire Pt1000 Frost

        Temperature range: -200 °C to 160 °C (IP67)



          Temp HomeBox

       Temperature range: -30 to 70 °C


    Relative Humidity 



       Humidity range: 0-100 % RH, Accuracy: 5% RH

    Temperature, Relative Humidity 

          HTemp-1Wire Rack19

          Temperature range: -10 to 80°C, Humidity range: 0-100% RH



        HTemp HomeBox

       Temperature range: -30 to +70 °C
       Humidity range: 0 to 100% RH





      Temperature range: -10 to 80°C
      Humidity range :0-100% RH


       HTemp-1Wire 3m

      Temperature range: -30 to 80°C
      Humidity range: 0–100% RH



      HTemp-1-Wire Outdoor

    Temperature range: -30 to 85°C
    Humidity range: 0–100% RH



    Light intensity 

      Light 1Wire-UNI

      Accuracy: +-10%

    AC / DC Voltage  


       Sensor 0-20mA 1W-UNI

      8-point calibration table
      Accuracy: +-2%



       Sensor 230V AC 1W-UNI

      Voltage range:0–250 V AC
      Accuracy: 5%