The drug Viagra is designed for men of any age who have difficulty with potency.
Due to the rapid dissolution in the body, a rush of blood to the penis is felt after 30 minutes.
An erection occurs only with arousal.
The action of sildenafil allows you to have sex for 4 hours. The recovery of the body between sexual acts occurs very quickly.
Viagra is well tolerated in primary and secondary administration.
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Viagra was the first drug developed to treat erectile dysfunction. The company Pfizer (USA) was engaged in development in 1992. The drug used the active substance sildenafil, which gave the drug its international name. Today, the original Viagra is the most popular means of overcoming sexual impotence.

Scientists attribute sildenafil to selective phosphodiesterase inhibitors. Once in the body, this substance relaxes the smooth muscles of the penis. At the same time, a strong blood flow to the penis is provided. As a result (in the presence of sexual contact) an erection appears. Without natural arousal, sildenafil does not cause an erection. Taking Viagra does not cancel sensory perception.

Erectile dysfunction can occur in any man due to various reasons. The development of sexual impotence can be affected by psychological stresses, injuries, environmental conditions, etc. Viagra helps to cope with erectile dysfunction of any severity. Before mass sales, Pfizer conducted clinical trials of the drug, and in all cases the highest effectiveness of the drug was noted. In addition, there was an increase in sexual intercourse and an increase in its quality.