Tips for completing the game Mad Max - Mission: Associated Territory Highlands: Scrap, Water Tank

See where you can find collectibles and secrets in the mountains.

Below is a map of the northern territory controlled by the associated highlands. There were marked places of search and an observation point, in which various types of collectibles are located, such as: scrap metal, historical scrap metal or a scrap metal group. At each location, the listed items were marked and shown in the figures.

Map - United Territory: Highlands
Under the map there is a legend explaining the characters printed on it.


P - observation post
1,2,3 ... - search locations
Observation post

Secrets: History of Relic No. 1, Scrap No. 4

Upon reaching the station, deal with the enemies and go down the stairs underground. Go through it, go to the other side and climb the horizontal beams. Lift the canister and return to the ground, then fill the generator with fuel. Approach it and press the button on the panel on the right, then sit in the balloon and rise.

Scrap metal (1/4) - in the car body, standing on a lift.

Scrap metal (2.3 / 4) - at the outbreak in the underground.

Scrap (4/4) - after reaching the surface on the other side underground.

A relic of history (1/1) - by the sofa to the left of the balloon.

Search Place 1
Secrets: Scrap No. 8

You will be taken to the Arctect camp during an additional mission called Fire Baptism, which is ordered by the pan.

Scrap metal (1.2 / 8) - to the left of the entrance to the camp.

Scrap metal (3/8) - to the right of the entrance to the camp.

Scrap metal (4/8) - in the second tent to the right of the entrance to the camp.

Scrap metal (5-8 / 8) - all four pieces of scrap metal can be found on the site in the arena with the hound.

Search Place 2
Secrets: Scrap number 2, Scrap crew number 1

Scrap metal (1/2) - behind the barricade on the right.

Scrap metal (2/2) - in the tent on the left.

Scrap metal brigade (1/1) - on the platform, which can be reached using the stairs to the right.

Search for a place 3
Secrets: Scrap No. 5

Scrap metal (1.2 / 5) - by the wall to the left of the ruins of the bus.

Scrap metal (3/5) - inside the building, in a room on the right side of the corridor.

Scrap metal (4/5) - behind the counter in the room on the right.

Scrap metal (5/5) - next to the mattresses in the room on the left.

Search Place 4
Secrets: History of Relic No. 1

Relic of History (1/1) - head to the camp at the top of the mountain, then go to the platform on the left. The relic lies on the ground.

Search Place 5
Secrets: Scrap No. 3

Scrap metal (1/3) - at the tent at the entrance to the camp.

Scrap metal (2.3 / 3) - in the tent to the left of the outbreak and behind it.

Search Place 6
Secrets: Scrap Metal No. 2

Scrap metal (1.2 / 2) - to the left and right of the car body in the camp.

Search Place 7
Secrets: Scrap Metal No. 2, Relic of History No. 1

Scrap (1/2) - to the right of the body.

The history of the relic (1/1) - on a mattress in a tent.

Scrap metal (2/2) - on a platform over a precipice.

Search Place 8
Secrets: Scrap No. 1

Scrap metal (1/1) - in front of the bus crash.

Search for a place 9
Secrets: Scrap No. 3

Scrap metal (1/3) - near the boxes to the left of the entrance.

Scrap metal (2.3 / 3) - on the roof of the building, where you can get through the stairs. Celui-ci orient indéniable qui cette prise en compagnie de médicaments officiels également le Kamagra ou cela Cialis peut entraîner manifestes effets indésirables, néanmoins celui existe continûment flagrants consigne sur ce qui peut exprimer ces effets après sur ce dont peut être fait d'autre part les éviter.