Certified solution for deep frozen food products

Poseidon 2250, HWg-STE and Captemp SQL 4 cerified for transport, storage and conservation of deep-frozen food temperature monitoring and control. Solution from Captemp, Lda is compatible with REGULATION (EC) No 37/2005, comply with EN 12830, EN 13485 and EN 13486 standards.

The European Union, through the REGULATION (EC) No 37/2005, created a set of rules for the control of temperatures in the means of transport, storage and conservation of deep-frozen foods intended for human consumption.

From 1 January 2006, all measuring instruments used for the purpose of monitoring the temperature, shall comply with EN 12830, EN 13485 and EN 13486 standards. Food operators shall keep all relevant documents permitting verification that the instruments referred to above conform to the relevant EN standard.

To validate a software application used in legal metrology, manufacturers should be based on the Guide WELMEC7.2.

The HW group products Poseidon 2250 and HWg-STE were validated and certified to comply with standard EN 12830 by Portuguese Legal metrology laboratory- ISQ.
The Software CAPTEMP SQL 4, was validated and certified according to the guide WELMEC 7.2, by the German company SQS.

CapTemp in Portugal is the first company to propose a system validated and certified in accordance with point 5 of the GUIDE WELMEC 7.2 issue 5:
Basic Requirements for Software of Measuring Instruments using a Universal Computer (Type U).

This suite of validations have created the following temperature recorders:

  • CapTemp SQL P2250/XX   (Windows PC, CapTemp SQL4 + Poseidon 2250, with 1 to 34 sensors)
  • CapTemp SQL STE/X          (Windows PC, CapTemp SQL4 + STE, 1 or 2 sensors)

(X) Number of sensors assigned to each recorder. Ex: CapTemp SQL P2250/17 (recorder with 17 sensors)

The temperature recorders "CAPTEMP" comply with the all requirements of European legislation.