Damocles 1208: Remote electricity consumption metering

Damocles 1208 is a cost-effective Ethernet-enabled device with digital inputs (12) and relay outputs (8) accessible over a LAN. Typical applications involve counting pulses from electricity meters, water meters, gas meters etc. User interaction is simplified by the HWg-PDMS application for Windows that counts the pulses, calculates consumption and creates outputs for statistical processing in MS Excel.

Damocles 1208 is a device with general-purpose inputs and outputs. Outputs can be controlled over the Web as well as using M2M protocols for IT (SNMP) or industrial SCADA systems (Modbus/TCP). Counters at digital (dry contact) inputs allow remote energy (or flow) metering by counting pulses from energy meters. Users can process the data using the free HWg-PDMS utility for Windows. HWg-PDMS can convert pulses to kWh/s (l/s, m3/s) and create MS Excel reports. The protocol then gives a concise overview of kWh consumed per week / month for each electricity meter.

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