Hsyco & HWg-STE: Htemp sensors integration

HW group, a well-known manufacturer of IP sensors (HWg-STE: SNMP thermometer, HWg-WLD: Web-based water leak detector, Poseidon, Damocles), has released a series of plug-ins that simplify the use of its IP sensors in Nagios, a popular open-source IT infrastructure monitoring system.

The HWg-STE is an Ethernet web thermometer configured using a built-in web server and with MS Excel reporting software. If the temperature (humidity) exceeds a specified threshold, an e-mail alert is sent. Up to two temperature/humidity probes can be connected.
HSYCO is central software for Building Automation System. It controls all house infrastructure from one iPhone or iPad (lights, multi-room music & entertainment, bed, temperature, video surveillance and many more).
Using network interfaces (TCP/IP), HSYCO integrates via LAN the HWg-STE temperature and humidity probes, constantly recording and displaying the information on temperature or humidity readings. HSYCO can use this information to control the field systems, nominally HVAC, optimizing the energy consumption and cut the corresponding costs.

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