HWg-Push protocol

HWg-Push is a protocol for active communication from a device (IP sensor) to a central server.

HWg-Push protocol is used by HW group sensors to establish active communication with a central “Portal”. The communication is based on XML and HTTP.

  • IP sensors can be behind NAT or Firewall
  • Sensors can be pre-configured to avoid in-field configuration
  • Can be used for GSM/GPRS devices
  • Very fast reaction to changes in measured values

HWg-Push is currently supported by


Windows application for collecting data from sensors and inputs over GSM (HWg-Ares) and LAN (Poseidon, Damocles, HWg-STE, HWg-PWR). Export of data in the background. Simple data processing and analysis in MS Excel.

  • “Portal” tab in the global settings
  • Requires an open port to the outside network (must be enabled in Windows firewall)


HWg-Push Nagios collector

Nagios application for collecting data from IP sensors that support the HWg-Push protocol. Thanks to the application, the Nagios SNMP monitoring system can include sensors in GSM networks or behind firewalls.

  • The application is installed on a Nagios server
  • Sensors are managed over a WEB interface


SensDesk portal

Web portal for collecting data from HW group sensors.

  • Central overview of all your sensors at one place
  • E-mail alert to sensor failure or abnormal value