Poseidon 4002: Rack mount environment monitoring

The Poseidon 4002 is a 19" 1U rack mount system for datacenter temperature and environment monitoring. The Poseidon presents the solution for monitoring of the racks and computer rooms (temperature, humidity, electricity supply, access to the room, detectors). The device alerts by e-mail, SNMP traps, SMS, output relays.

The Poseidon 4002 is a complete system for environment monitoring in a 19" rack, an entire server room or in a datacenter. The 4002 model can be mounted as a 1U device, or outside of the 42U space. 18 sensors are supported (temperature, humidity, smoke, flood, electricity supply status or failure, entry to the room, digital inputs).
The device is SNMP compatible. Two monitoring applications (PD Trigger and HWg-PDMS) are included free of charge.

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