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International APN Settings for Mobile Broadband Network Operators

These APN settings you can use for your HWg-Ares GSM Thermometer. HWg-Ares 12 is a remote environment monitoring solution that can be used at any place with GSM coverage. Contains a battery for several hours of backup. Alerts to power failures by email or SMS (up to 5 phone numbers). Data can be read into HWg-PDMS (free software), connected to a Web portal or to a SCADA/NMS system.

Access Point Name - APN
User Name
Password Dial number
Albania Vodafone Twa guest guest    
Argentina CLARO ctigprs ctigprs999    
Argentina Movistar
wap wap    
Argentina Personal [mobile number] adgj    
Australia Amaysim internet        
Australia Optus internet guest guest    
Australia Telstra telstra.internet guest guest    
Australia Telstra
(data bundles)
telstra.datapack   Telstra    
Australia Telstra
(pay by time)
telstra.pcpack   Telstra    
Australia Three 3netaccess a a    
Australia Vodafone guest guest    
Austria A1 ppp    
Austria BOB (A1) ppp    
Austria Mobilkom (A1) AON.Data        
Austria T-Mobile gprsinternet        
Austria Telering web web    
Austria Drei       Ares not supported. UMTS-only network.
Austria One
web web    
Austria Orange web web web    
Austria Yesss        
Azerbaijan Azercell internet guest guest    
Bangladesh Grameen Phone gpinternet        
Belarus VELCOM
Belgium Base     *99#  
Belgium Mobistar     *99***1#
Belgium Proximus     *99***CID#
Botswana Mascom Wireless internet.mascom guest guest    
Brazil Claro claro claro    
Brazil Oi guest guest    
Brazil Oi (WAP) oiwap oioioi    
Brazil TIM tim tim    
Brazil Velox iesgprs iesgprs2002    
Bulgaria GloBul globul [none]    
Bulgaria M-Tel mtel mtel    
Cameroon MTN Cameroon INTERNET guest guest    
Canada KORE Wireless [blank] [blank]    
Canada Microcell
(Fido) fido fido    
Canada Rogers AT&T wapuser1 wap    
Chile ENTELPCS entelpcs entelpcs    
Chile Claro BAM.CLAROCHILE.CL        
Chile Nextel        
China China Mobile cmnet guest guest    
China China Unicom [none] guest guest    
Croatia T-Mobile web.htgpr 38591 38591    
Croatia VIPNET START 38591 38591    
Croatia VIPNET PRO 38591 38591    
Croatia VIPNET 3G 38591 38591    
Colombia Movistar movistar movistar    
Congo Vodacom vodanet vodalive [blank]    
Costa Rica IceCelular icecelular guest guest    
Czech Republic Telefonica
internet guest guest *99***1#  
Czech Republic Vodafone internet guest guest *99***1#  
Czech Republic T-Mobile internet guest guest *99***1#  
Denmark Telenor Internet     *99#
Denmark 3 [none] guest guest    
Denmark Telia DK        
Denmark TDC Mobil Internet     *99#
Port #: 587
Dominican Republic Orange guest guest    
Egypt Click Vodafone internet internet    
Egypt MobiNil mobinilweb guest guest    
Estonia Elisa guest guest    
Estonia EMT guest guest    
Estonia Tele2 guest guest    
Finland Dna internet guest guest    
Finland Elisa
internet rlnet internet    
Finland Saunalahti internet.saunalahti guest guest    
Finland Sonera internet [blank] [blank]    
Finland Song song@internet songnet    
France Bouygues guest guest    
France Bouygues
(B2Bouygtel) guest guest    
France Free-Mobile
free No user No password    
France Orange
(contract) orange orange    
France Orange MIB orange-mib mportail mib    
France Orange
orange-acte orange orange    
France SFR websfr guest guest    
France SFR M2M PREMIUM websfr     *99#
Germany D2 Vodafone guest guest    
Germany E-Plus eplus gprs    
Germany O2 (3G) surfo2 guest guest    
Germany O2 (GPRS) internet guest guest    
Germany Quam quam quam    
Germany T-Mobile D1 internet.t-mobile t-mobile    
Ghana Areeba
(formerly Spacefon) guest guest    
Greece Cosmote internet        
Greece WIND          
Greece Vodafone internet
Guatemala Comcel Wap Wap    
Guatemala PCS Digital ideasalo guest guest    
Guyana GT&T Cellink Plus test test    
Hong Kong CSL hkcsl or
guest guest    
Hong Kong New World internet guest guest    
Hong Kong Orange guest guest    
Hong Kong People internet guest guest    
Hong Kong SmarTone internet guest guest    
Hong Kong Sunday internet guest guest    
Hong Kong Three guest guest    
Hungary Telenor (non-sub.) net        
Hungary T-Mobile (non-sub.) internet        
Hungary Vodafone
(un-comp.) guest guest    
India AirTel guest guest    
India BPL bplmobile [blank]    
India BSNL celloneportal guest guest    
India Hutch
www guest guest    
India Hutch
web guest guest    
India Idea Cellular internet guest guest    
India MTNL (Pre-paid)


mtnl mtnl123    
India MTNL Mumbai mmsmtnlmum mtnl mtnl123    
India MTNL Mumbai
(Plan 2)
gprsmtnlmum mtnl mtnl123    
Indonesia Excelcomindo xlgprs proxl    
Indonesia IM3
gprs im3    
Indonesia Indosat
guest guest    
Indonesia Telkomsel internet
wap wap123    
Ireland Meteor my meteor    
Ireland O2
open.internet gprs gprs    
Ireland O2
pp.internet gprs gprs    
Ireland Vodafone
(contract) vodafone vodafone    
Ireland Vodafone
(pre-pay) vodafone vodafone    
Israel Cellcom internetg guest guest    
Israel MTC-Vodafone apn01 guest guest    
Israel Orange orangeinternet guest guest    
Italy Blu INTERNET guest guest    
Italy H3G guest guest    
Italy TIM guest guest    
Italy Vodafone
(Omnitel) guest guest    
Italy Wind internet.wind
Wind Wind    
Jamaica Cable & Wireless wap guest guest    
Jamaica Digicel wapuser wap03jam    
Japan Vodafone
vodafone ai@vodafone vodafone    
Jersey (See UK) [blank]
Kazakhstan Beeline internet.beeline web    
Kenya Safaricom web guest    
Laos ETL etlnet guest [blank]    
Latvia LMT     *99#  
Latvia Bite internet     *99#  
Latvia Tele2 wap wap *99#  
Lebannon Cellis FTML plugged guest    
Lebannon MTC Touch guest guest    
Lithuania Bite GSM banga guest guest    
Lithuania Omnitel
(contract) guest omni    
Lithuania Omnitel
(no contract) omni guest    
Luxembourg LUXGSM guest tango    
Luxembourg Tango internet tango guest    
Luxembourg VOXmobile guest guest    
Macau CTM ctm-mobile guest 1234    
Macau Macau Hutchison
Telecom (Internet) hutchison 1234    
Macau Macau Hutchison
Telecom (MMS) hutchison guest    
Malaysia DIGI diginet guest guest    
Malaysia Celcom guest guest    
Malaysia Maxis 2G
internet.gprs.maxis guest wap    
Malaysia Maxis 3G
unet maxis net    
Malaysia Maxis
net maxis guest    
Malaysia Timecel
guest guest    
Malaysia TM Touch internet guest guest    
Malta Go Mobile
gosurfing guest guest    
Malta Go Mobile
rtgsurfing guest webgprs2002    
Mexico Telcel webgprs gprs    
Moldavia Moldcell internet gprs 1987    
Morocco Maroc Telecom iam wac MEDIWAP    
Morocco Medi Telecom MEDIWAP gprs    
Netherlands KPN Mobile internet KPN guest    
Netherlands O2 internet guest guest    
Netherlands T-Mobile (Ben)
internet guest password    
Netherlands Telfort internet telfortnl vodafone    
Netherlands Vodafone
(normal) vodafone vodafone    
Netherlands Vodafone
(business) vodafone guest    
New Zealand Vodafone
internet guest guest    
New Zealand Vodafone
(restricted) guest internet    
Nicaragua Alo Pcs internet [blank]    
Nigeria Globacom
gprs wap wap    
Nigeria Globacom
glowap wap gprs    
Nigeria MTN Nigeria wap wap    
Nigeria Vmobile wap.vmobile wap netcom    
Norway Netcom netcom
Norway TalkMore (same as Netcom)
Norway Telenor Mobil
guest ufone    
Pakistan UFone ufone.internet ufone xxx    
Panama Cable & Wireless xxx ctigprs999    
Paraguy CTI ctigprs tulibertad    
Peru Claro (TIM) tim globe    
Philippines Globe Telecoms
(Web) globe globe    
Philippines Globe Telecoms
(WAP) globe banonoy    
Philippines Smart internet witsductoor guest    
Philippines Sun Cellular minternet guest erainternet    
Poland Play internet     *99***1# standard tarif
Poland Plus internet plusgsm plusgsm *99***1# standard tarif
Poland Orange internet internet internet *99***1# standard & telemetry
Poland T-Mobile internet     *99***1# standard & telemetry
Portugal Optimus internet guest guest    
Portugal TMN internet guest guest    
Portugal Vodafone
(Telecel) guest beeline    
Romania Vodafone     *99***1#  
Romania Orange internet     *99***1#  
Russia BeeLine beeline connex    
Russia Megafon
internet.dv guest guest    
Russia Megafon
internet.kvk guest guest    
Russia Megafon
internet.ltmsk guest gdata    
Russia Megafon
internet.msk gdata guest    
Russia Megafon
(mc) guest guest    
Russia Megafon
internet.nw guest guest    
Russia Megafon
internet.sib guest guest    
Russia Megafon
internet.ugsm guest guest    
Russia Megafon
(usi) guest guest    
Russia Megafon
internet.volga guest beeline    
Russia Motiv
(uses BeeLine) beeline mts    
Russia MTS
mts [supplied]    
Russia NCC internet ncc guest    
Russia NTC internet.ntc guest guest    
Russia PrimTel guest guest    
Saint Lucia Cable & Wireless internet guest wap03oecs    
Saint Vincent &
the Grenadines
Digicel wapoecs guest    
Saudi Arabia STC guest guest    
Senegal Tigo guest gprs    
Mobtel Srbija internet mobtel 064    
Telekom Srbija gprsinternet mts 064    
Telekom Srbija
(MMS service)
mms mts 064    
Telekom Srbija
(WAP service)
gprswap mts guest    
Singapore M1 mobilenet guest guest    
Singapore SingTel internet guest guest    
Singapore Starhub shwapint guest guest    
Slovakia Eurotel internet guest guest    
Slovakia Globtel internet guest pasvord    
Slovakia Orange internet jusernejm internet    
Slovenia Izimobil izimobil izimobil izimobil *99#  
Slovenia Mobitel internet mobitel internet *99#  
Slovenia Simobil simobil internet *99#  
Slovenia Tušmobil tusmobil internet *99#  
South Africa Cell-C internet guest guest    
South Africa MTN internet guest guest    
South Africa Vodacom internet guest guest    
South Africa Virgin Mobile vdata guest AMENA    
Spain Movistar MOVISTAR MOVISTAR    
Spain Orange internet        
Spain Vodafone vodafone vodafone    
Sri Lanka Dialog GSM
(contract) guest guest    
Sri Lanka Dialog GSM
ppwap guest guest    
Sri Lanka Mobitel isp guest vodafone    
Spain Vodafone
(Airtel) vodafone internet    
Sweden Tele2 data     *99#  
Sweden Telenor Data        
Sweden Telia     *99***1#  
Switzerland Orange internet guest internet    
Switzerland Sunrise internet internet guest    
Switzerland Swisscom     *99#  
Taiwan Chunghwa
emome or
guest guest    
Taiwan Far EasTone fetnet01 guest guest    
Taiwan KG Telecom internet guest guest    
Taiwan Taiwan Cellular internet guest ais    
Thailand AIS internet ais guest    
Thailand DTAC guest guest    
Turkey Avea          
Turkey Turkcell          
Turkey Vodafone          
UAE Etisalat mnet mnet guest    
UK 3 guest abc    
UK Jersey
pepper abc password    
UK O2 (contract)     *99***1#  
-faster- faster payandgo    
(pre-pay) payandgo pass    
UK Orange
(Pay Monthly)
orangeinternet user Orange    
UK Orange
(Pay and Go)
orangewap Multimedia pass    
UK T-Mobile user [space]    
UK Virgin Mobile user webs    
UK Vodafone (contract) internet     *99***1#  
UK Vodafone
(pre-pay) wap igprs    
Ukraine Djuice igprs guest    
Ukraine Jeans guest internet    
Ukraine Kyivstar igprs guest    
Ukraine Mobi-GSM internet.urs guest guest    
Ukraine UMC guest guest    
Uruguay ANCEL gprs.ancel guest ctiweb999    
Uruguay CTI ctiweb movistar    
Uruguay Movistar movistar guest    
USA Cingular
(ex AT&T)
proxy guest CINGULAR1    
USA Cingular
(With acceleration)
USA Cingular
(NO acceleration)
USA Cingular
USA T-Mobile (Internet)
Uzbekistan Uzdunrobita user guest    
Venezuela Digitel TIM guest