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HWg-Ares12 / 14: Termometro GSM/GPRS

Product replaced by a new generation Ares 10 / Ares 12.

HWg-Ares12 / 14: è un termometro GSM/GPRS, ma non solo! Esso permette il monitoraggio di sensori 1-wire ed ingressi digitali sulla rete GSM/GPRS attraverso l'invio di SMS ed email. Può essere utilizzato sia come soluzione indipendente che facente parte di un sistema misto LAN e GPRS, ed adatto all'acquisizione di centinaia di sensori.

Note: Shorted version - full details in english version.

HWg-Ares è una soluzione di monitoraggio ambientale remoto che può essere installato in pochi minuti. Necessita solamente della copertura GSM.

Il dispositivo è dotato di batteria al litio di back-up che, nel caso in cui venga a mancare l'alimentazione esterna, gli permette di avvisare fino a 5 destinatari via email e/o con SMS.

Il HWG-Ares può essere utilizzato anche come un semplice termometro GSM. Basta collegare sensori esterni (temperatura, 4-20mA, umidità, sensori di luce o di altro tipo) o due contatti puliti ed esso consente di monitorare tutti i sensori a distanza.

HWG-Ares è un sistema completo di monitoraggio GSM/GPRS, in grado di trasferire i dati provenienti dai sensori in un file MS Excel. Il traffico GPRS è ottimizzato per costo.

La caratteristica unica di questo sistema è che si possono combinare le letture di sensori basati su IP con altre provenienti dalla rete GSM/GPRS attraverso i dispositivi HWG-Ares. E' altresì disponibile un plug-in per Nagios, il più popolare software gratuito di monitoraggio SNMP.

Il prodotto viene fornito pronto per l'installazione, non è necessario alcun software aggiuntivo per la messa in funzione. Semplicemente è sufficiente collegare il PC al dispositivo attraverso la porta USB per effettuarne la configurazione, senza installare alcun software, dopodichè l'apparecchio e pronto per l'uso.

HWg-Ares 12: GSM thermometer – 5 recipients for email and SMS alerts


Ares-12 photo 1   Ares-12 photo 2   Ares-12 photo 3

Mount brackets 1   Mount brackets 2   Mount brackets 3

Ares-14 photo 1   Ares-14 photo 2   Ares-14 photo 3


  Internal battery Digital inputs 1-Wire UNI
Logger SMS alerts Email alerts
HWg Push
HWg-Ares12 2 3
HWg-Ares14 2 14

Applications and usage examples

  • GPRS monitoring of a server room without connecting to the local LAN
  • Diesel generators – environment and status monitoring
  • Back-up power supply systems
  • ATM (Automatic Teller Machines) environment monitoring
  • Cooling systems and coolers
  • Antennas and microwave links
  • Technology along roads, highways, or railroad tracks
  • Road surface or railroad track temperature and status
  • Temperature and displacement of structures
  • Storages of food or materials
  • Art exhibits and depositories
  • Agricultural production premises (greenhouses, granaries, etc.)
  • Electricity distribution networks (transformer stations, lines)
  • Water source monitoring, including technical equipment status
  • Monitoring of appliances with consumable, refillable content (vending machines for coffee, sandwiches or drinks, massage chairs, ...)


Basic features

    • GSM/GPRS: Quad-Band 850/900 / 1800/1900 MHz - SMA antenna connector
    • Configuration: Over USB, configuration utility on a “Mass storage” drive, no need to install
      • FW upgrade: Over USB, or FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) over GPRS
    • Power: 9–30 VDC / 0.5 A external power
      • Internal battery: Powers the device + sensors for 3–8 hours (depending on sensors)
      • Battery life: 5 to 12 years (depending on type, usage, and operating temperatures)
    • Flash log: 2 Mb / 170.000 records (e.g. 3 sensors @ 5 mins = 200 days)

    • 1-Wire UNI
      • Temperature
      • Humidity
      • Light intensity
      • 0-30A AC
      • Water flood
      • 0-60V DC
      • 0-20mA
      • Pt100 / Pt1000
    • Digital inputs
      • Smoke detector
      • 110/230V power detector
      • Air flow detector
      • Motion detector (PIR)   
    • DI (Digital Inputs): 2x DI (for dry contact status detectors), pulse counter (S0 pulses)
    • Sensors: 2xRJ11 for 1-Wire UNI
      • HWg-Ares12: Supports 3 sensors
      • HWg-Ares14: Supports 14 sensors
    • Diagnostics: External power detection, battery status [%]
    • Alarm alerts: Email, HWg-Push, SMS
    • SMS + ring upon alert: Supported
    • Protocols: SMTP, NTP, HWg Push (http)
      • Authentication: STARTTLS (Google SMTP)
    • SMS communication: Basic control with status information
    • Remote configuration: Web interface, tab „AresConf“ in the portal.
    • Roaming: Avoids GPRS communication while roaming away from the home GSM network
    • Mechanical: 76 x 93 x 28 mm, wall-mountable, fits on a DIN rail
    • Support for programmers: HWg SDK
    • Mobile application for data overview: Android and iPhone (via
    • Supported software
      • HWg-PDMS: Logging, export to MS Excel, reports
      • HWg-Push Nagios plugin (in 2Q 2012)
      • CapTemp (in 2Q 2012)
      • public online portal

    First steps with GSM/GPRS thermometer Ares 12 set

    HWg-Ares: Environment monitoring over GSM/GPRS

    • HWg-Ares is a telemetry device suitable for integration with third-party central/portal solutions.
    • With the HWg-PDMS software, HWg-Ares can offer an instantly usable data collection solution.
      Data outputs include logs+MS Excel analysis or a XML database.
    • Data collection over GSM with HWg-Ares can be combined with other IP sensors by HW group (Poseidon, Damocles, HWg-STE, HWg-PWR, and more).
    • HWg-Ares supports the same RJ11 sensors as the Poseidon family.
    •  SMS notification of up to 5 recipients is advantageous for simple applications.
      Text messages can be customized with macros.
    • Sensor or device status can be requested by texting or calling the device.
    • Configuration software needs no installation. Simply run the Windows application from the USB drive that appears after connecting HWg-Ares to an USB port.
      • The internal battery enables alerting to failed/restored power supply. Suitable for monitoring UPS and back-up generators.
      • Roaming functions reduce data costs outside of the home GSM network. Suitable for automotive or marine applications.

      Data collection over e-mail

      Data collection over HWg-Push to the SensDesk portal

      Remote telco site monitoring

      PDMS – Monitoring software

      PDMS: Excel reportsHWg-PDMS periodically collects input states and sensor values from Ares units connected over GSM/GPRS and other Poseidon, Damocles and HWg-STE units connected over IP. Measured data are periodically stored into a database and exported as MS Excel reports.

      • Registered version is free of charge for three sensors.
      • Data are collected over IP (using http and the device IP address / by e-mail)
      • Data collection runs in the background as a Windows service
      • Graphical overview of the collected data
      • Simple export to MS Excel (runs periodically in the background)

      How to connect HWg-Ares to PDMS

      • 1) E-MAIL: Through the email interface. HWg-Ares sends e-mails to a dedicated mailbox, PDMS periodically downloads them from there.
        PDMS processes e-mails with attached LOG files as well as alert messages.
      • 2) HWg-Push: HWg-PDMS is installed on a server with a public IP address. HWg-Ares periodically sends data from connected sensors over HTTP.


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      Codici di ordinazione

      Order item  
      HWg-Ares12 set HWg-Ares12 starting set
      Quick start set with the HWg-Ares12, contains a GSM QuadBand antenna + 3m cable, universal power adapter (EU, UK, US), CD, the Ares GSM unit, USB cable for configuration, a temperature sensor and a mounting bracket.
      HWg-Ares12 Bulk HWg-Ares12 unit with mounting bracket
      HWg-Ares GSM Thermometer unit with no further accessories. Mount plate D included.
      HWg-Ares12 plain HWg-Ares12 unit alone
      HWg-Ares GSM Thermometer unit with no further accessories.
      HWg-Ares14 plain HWg-Ares14 unit alone
      HWg-Ares GSM Thermometer unit with no further accessories.
      Mount plate E – 1U Rack (cabinet) mount plate, 1U montage for HWg-Ares, Poseidon2 3266/68 and other products.- item photo
      Mount plate D Wall mount plate for HWg-Ares, Poseidon2 3266/68 and other products. - item photo
      DIN Rail box set DIN rail mounting set.



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