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HWg-PWR 3/12/25: Smart M-Bus Gateway para medição de energia

HWg-PWR é um gateway Ethernet inteligente para medição remota de consume de energia. Até 3; 12 ou 25 medidores M-Bus (água, gás, eletricidade, aquecedores) podem ser conectados a unidade.

Note: Shorted version - full details in english version.

HWg-PWR pode processar dados de 3/12/25 medidores externos M-Bus. A unidade monitora o consumo de energia e envia e-mail ou alerta de texto (SMS) para valores fora da faixa especificada.

Todos os valores dos medidores externos são disponibilizados para processamento sobre SNMP, Modbus/TCP, ou através de portal na Web.

O HWg-PWR 3/12/25 trabalha em modo ‘stand-alone”, sem a necessidade de um PC local. Gráficos de consume são apresentados em uma interface web e um relatório de consume pode ser enviado por e-mail uma vez ao dia, semana ou mês.

Com o HWg-PWR 3/12/25 é simples a criação de sistema de monitoramento remote de consumo de qualquer tipo de energia. As aplicações típicas cobrem Data Centers, Shopping Centers, plantas industriais e edifícios comerciais. Os medidores individuais M-Bus (electricidade, água, gás, etc.) são produzidos por diferentes fabricantes de mercado. Mais de 30 fabricantes líderes já suportam a interface M-Bus. Medidores externos podem ser usados para qualquer faixa de corrente, fator de potencia, etc.

HWg-PWR 3 / 12 / 25 – Energy monitoring gateway:


Advantages of using third-party M-Bus meters

  • Vast range of meters with the EN 13757 (M-Bus) interface to choose from.
    It is easy to use special-purpose meters (non-standard form factor or measured range, e.g. indirect electricity meters rated up to 1000 A).
  • M-Bus meters frequently provide extended information (total consumption and immediate values, voltage at different phases, power factor, etc...).
  • Values from certified meters can be used for billing purposes.
HWg-PWR:Smart M-Bus Gateway para medição de energia

HWg-PWR 3   HWg-PWR 12   HWg-PWR 25

photo4  photo5  photo6  photo7

Application photo

HWg-SMS-GW3 for sending SMS

Características Básicas

  • Ethernet: RJ45 (100 Mbit)
  • WEB: Built-in Web server, configuração, gráficos
  • Data input: 3 / 12 / 25 external meters equipped with the M-Bus (EN 13757-2) interface
    • M-Bus power: Meters powered from HWg-PWR
    • Interface M-Bus: EN 13757-2, EN 13757-3, auto-detecção do medidor
    • Numero de variáveis distintas: Até 100 variáveis (por todos os medidores conectados)
    • M-Bus: Automatic detection of meters and available values
  • Entradas Digitais: 8 x 110/230VAC entrada para detecção de falha de fase
  • Data logging: 170.000 valores (3 valores a cada 15 minutos = 590 dias)
  • Fonte de alimentação: 110 / 230V AC
  • Mecânico : Fixação em trilho tipo DIN
  • Protocolo de comunicação M2M: SNMP, XML, Modbus/TCP
  • Respostas por thresholds: SNMP trap, E-mail, SMS (via SMS-GW)
  • Portal: HWg-Push protocol, supports

  • Graphs: Logging of values with the option to plot graphs
  • Contador de energia: contadores periódicos independentes para leitura de consumo (diária, semanal, mensal, anual, ...)
  • Relatórios: E-mail periódico de valores medidos
  • SMS Gateway: Dispositivo pode enviar SMS pelo externo "HWg-SMS-GW", sem qualquer software.
  • Suporte para programadores: HWg SDK
  • Softwares suportados
    • HWg-PD Trigger: Gerenciamento de alertas e detecção de falha de dispositivos
    • HWg-PDMS: Graficos, data logging, exportação para o MS Excel
    • >> Software SNMP de terceiros
      (HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, Nagios, Zabbix, Cacti, Monitor one, The Dude, Paessler IPCheck, Ipswitch WhatsUp, Axence nVision, CBR little:eye, LoriotPro, GFi NSM, SNMPc 7, CA NSM, ActiveXperts NM, Intellipool NM, MSC Operations Manager 2007)
  • HWg-PWR demo boxMedidores externos de energia (third-party products), 3/12/25 medidores M-Bus, alimentados a partir do HWg-PWR
    • Values available over M-Bus depend on the meter – we recommend to always check the supported values with the manufacturer!
    • Support for certified and calibrated meters
    • Support for single-phase and polyphase electricity meters
    • Support for single-tariff and multi-tariff meters
    • Current transformers enable measurements of high currents
    • Examples of typically available values:
      • Instantaneous power input
      • Total consumption
      • Line voltage
      • Line current
      • Power factor (cos φ)
      • Flow speed
  Inputs Power  Web  M2M outputs
M-Bus meters M-Bus variables Digital inputs Modbus/TCP
SMS GW E-mail E-mail report HWg-Push
HWg-PWR 3 3 Max 100 8x 110/230VAC 110/230VAC
HWg-PWR 12 12 Max 100 8x 110/230VAC 110/230VAC
HWg-PWR 25 25 Max 100 8x 110/230VAC 110/230VAC *
Old model – no longer in production
3 Max 30 3x Dry Contact 230V - - -


M-Bus or S0 pulse counter

S0 is a legacy system of counting pulses that correspond to a certain amount of energy.
The M-Bus interface is the current standard for energy metering. Unlike pulse counting (S0), it works with absolute values (that can be used for customer billing). In addition, M-Bus provides more values, such as the immediate current and voltage, cos φ, and so on.

An S0 to M-Bus converter can be used to connect S0 devices:


M-Bus meter manufacturers

Caution: We recommend to always check and test what values does the manufacturer guarantee at the M-Bus interface.

Gas meters

Water meters
Heat meters
Electricity meters
Other accessories
ABB - - - TESTED -
AllMess - - -
Aquametro - - -
Bmeters - - - -
Carlo Gavazzi - - - -
Elster - - - -
Elvaco - - - TESTED
EMH - - - -
EMU - - - -
Günther Schell - - - - TESTED
GMC-I - - - -
IME - - - -
Inepro / DMMetering - - - -
ista - TESTED - -
Itron -
Janitza electronics - - - -
Kamstrup - -
Křižík - - - -
Landis + Gyr TESTED TESTED -
Metec/DZG - - - -
Meters UK - - - -
SagemCommunications - - - -
Saia Burgess - - - TESTED -
Sensus - - -
Sontex - - - -
TIP Thüringer - - - -
WDV/Molliné - - -
WEHRLE - - - -
ZPA - - - TESTED -




  • Remote monitoring of electricity meters in small server rooms and BTS
  • Monitoring of energy consumption in rented premises
  • Reading out energy consumption in remote or inaccessible areas
  • Control over energy costs
  • Checking for individual line overloads in three-phase wirings
  • Checking for undervoltage in electric wirings
  • Monitoring the flow of liquids

Collecting data from 1 to 25 M-Bus electricity meters

  • Various energy meters (equipped with the M-Bus interface) are connected to the HWg-PWR unit.
  • All values are available to external software over LAN and SNMP.
  • Energy consumption details can be viewed using the Web interface or an iPhone or Android app.

Server room: Energy consumption monitoring + phase outage detection

  • Up to 25 electricity meters measure the single-phase or three-phase consumption of the cabinets.
  • Up to 8 inputs can detect phase outages.
  • When a phase fails, a warning can be e-mailed.
  • Upon an alarm (phase failure or current out of range), a text message alert can be sent to a mobile phone via an external SMS Gateway.
  • Energy consumption data can be connected to any SCADA system (Modbus/TCP) or accessed over SNMP.

Measuring energy consumption with S0 pulses and M-Bus meters

  • Modern electricity meters with the M-Bus interface can be connected to HWg-PWR directly.
  • Older electricity meters with a S0 pulse output can be connected using a “S0-M-Bus” converter.
  • Current consumption charts are available through the HWg-PWR web interface.
  • Every day, week or month, HWg-PWR e-mails a report. The e-mail contains a billing statement including KWh and a conversion to currency.
  • When the current consumption exceeds or drops below a set threshold, the unit sends an e-mail alert.

Remote energy metering with a central WEB portal

  • Various energy meters are connected to a single HWg-PWR unit.
  • Each unit has a WEB interface for configuration, viewing logs, etc.
  • All consumption data are uploaded to a central portal using the HWg-Push protocol.
  • The central portal (e.g. SensDesk) generates detailed analyses and statistics concerning energy consumption.



OID Description
HWg-PWR 3 Smart Ethernet gateway for connecting 3 M-Bus meters to a LAN.
HWg-PWR 12 Smart Ethernet gateway for connecting 12 M-Bus meters to a LAN.
HWg-PWR 25 Smart Ethernet gateway for connecting 25 M-Bus meters to a LAN.
HWg-PWR 3 mobile box Demonstration mobile solution for HWg-PWR 3 - photo.
Mobile box can be used as temporary 1 phase (230V) meter.
HWg-SMS-GW3 HWg-SMS Gateway start set
GSM SMS gateway for sending text messages from other HW group devices over the LAN. Includes an internal GSM modem, an external antenna with 3m cable, a power adapter and a CD. - photo

M-Bus meters supplied by HW group

We recommend to order M-Bus meters directly from the respective manufacturer's distributor for your local market.
The following M-Bus meters are produced by third parties. HW group offers these meters to simplify your first steps.
  • Meter 3f ED 310.DB HWG
    ED 310.DB HWG is a static three-phase, two-tariff electricity meter for direct measurement up to 63A, with M-Bus and S0 interfaces – 3x230V/400V, 5(63)A
  • Meter 3f ED 310.I.DB HWG
    ED 310.I.DB HWG is a static three-phase, two-tariff electricity meter for indirect measurement, with M-Bus and S0 interfaces – 3x230V/400V, x/5A
  • Meter 1f DHZ 5/63-M-BUS – Single-phase electronic electricity meter for direct measurement up to 63A.
  • Meter 3f ZMF120ACs2 M-Bus – three-phase electricity meter without a disconnecter, direct up to 40A.
  • Meter 1f ZCF120ABs2 M-Bus – single-phase electricity meter with a disconnecter, direct up to 40A.
  • Meter gas G350 M-Bus – L435 M-Bus gas meter, with 250mm pipe spacing and G1¼ ISO 228-1 class B.
  • M-Count 2C – 2x S0 datalogger and converter to M-Bus (2x pulse input (S0) / M-Bus output)
  • CLA 3.1 – Current measurement transformer, 1000A/5A, accuracy class 0,5S, power 10VA
  • CLB 2.65 – Current measurement transformer, 200A/5A, accuracy class 0,5S, power 10VA
  • We will be happy to help you with selecting other M-Bus accessories.

Ordering and FAQ

    Ask for the price or details:
     - Web:  http://
    Country: *

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  • What values can HWg-PWR display?
    HWg-PWR can display any values and quantities that are accessible over M-BUS from the respective meter.
  • Is it necessary to use meters supplied by HW group?
    No. Any device from any (third-party) manufacturer can be connected to HWg-PWR, as long as it has the M-Bus interface.
    To help you choose, we have compiled a list of tested meters. See the link in the Download box.
  • How many devices / values can be connected at once?
    The M-Bus supports up to 250 connected units. HWg-PWR supports a maximum of 3 / 12 / 25 devices.
  • How many different variables can be monitored?
    HWg-PWR 3 / 12 / 25 supports a maximum of 100 variables. The particular combination is not relevant, e.g. 25x4 (25 meters x 4 variables each) or 10x10 variables are possible.
    Each variable can be logged and monitored by e-mail.
  • Is it possible to use electricity, water and gas meters from different manufacturers on a single bus?
    Yes, as long as the devices use the same communication speed (typically 2400 b/s)
  • How far away can be the M-Bus meters from the HWg-PWR unit?
    At 300 Bd, the cable segment length must not exceed 1000 m (max 350 m at 9600 Bd).
  • Is it possible to connect Wireless M-Bus meters to HWg-PWR?
    Not directly. The HWg-PWR smart gateway supports wired M-Bus only. However, we have successfully tested a wireless-to-wired M-Bus converter.
  • Where can I find the prices of your devices?
    Ask our distributors, or request a quote directly from us using the form at this page.
  • What is the warranty?
    The standard warranty is 2 years, can be extended upon request.

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