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HWg-WLD: Water leak detector for a 2D area

HWg-WLD is a LAN sensor for water leak detection in a 2D area. Water is detected using an easily-extensible sensing cable. HWg-WLD features a built-in web server, SNMP support, and e-mail or SMS alert to water flooding.
Early detection and alert to the first drops of water prevents higher costs later.

A correctly installed HWg-WLD cable based water leak detection provides extra time to solve flood problems. The 2D water leak detection can help fix the source of the leak before the costly consequences arise.

HWg-WLD detects water leaks or water floods along the entire length of the sensing cable. By placing the cable near possible flood sources, the whole area can be effectively monitored.

The “WLD sensing cable” reacts to just a few drops of liquid (water, ethylene glycol, ...) and can be also used to detect condensation. After flooding, the sensing cable can be dried and reused.
“WLD sensing cable“ can be easily extended with sensing and non-sensing cable segments to create a cost-effective and robust protection of a 2D area against flooding.

As a notable advantage, the “WLD sensing cable” does not produce false alarms when bent, twisted or pinched.

The "HWg-WLD" water leak detector unit can be ordered in a package with a 2m WLD liquid detection cable. Two versions are available – a version powered over the Ethernet (PoE – IEEE 802.3af) or a version with a mains power adapter.

HWg-WLD devices can work together with a central SMS gateway to send text messages (SMS), and can be connected to the online portal or another software monitoring system by HW group. 

  • Water leak detection in an entire 2D area using several sensing cables
  • WLD sensing cable can be easily extended and does not cause false alarms
  • Detects even the smallest volumes of liquids, sensing cable can be dried and reused
HWg-WLD: Water leak detector - network-enabled water leak detector, detection with water-absorbing cable. Web server, SNMP, sends e-mail water alert when flooded.

Front view
   Rear view   Package contents

Wall mount   Wall mount 2   Rack 1U mount

Pipeline  WLD sensing cable A   prolong WLD cable

HWg-SMS-GW for sending text messages


Basic features


  • Ethernet: RJ45 (100BASE-T) (PoE IEEE 802.3af version)
  • WEB: Built-in web server
  • Flood detection input:
    • “WLD sensing cable A” (2m / 10m / 50m)
    • Extension cable – “WLD A prolong cable” (5m)
    • Detected liquids: water, ethylene glycol, and other electrically conductive liquids
  • Reaction to detected flood: Email, SNMP trap, HWg-Push, activating a remote relay contact
  • SMS-GW support: Text messages (SMS) can be sent through a HWg-SMS-GW
  • Box-2-Box support: When a flood is detected, a remote relay output is activated over a LAN
  • M2M communication protocols: SNMP, XML, HWg-Push
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to +60°C (14°F to +140°F)
  • Mechanical: 66 x 66 x 31 [mm] – metal housing, can be mounted on a wall, in a 19" cabinet, or on a DIN rail
  • Product versions:
    • HWg-WLD: Power adapter
    • HWg-WLD PoE: PoE (IEEE 802.3af) + power adapter
  • Software and services
    • Configuration: UDP Config – IP address configuration and detection (with DHCP)
    • HWg-PDMS: Logging of values, graphs, export to MS Excel, reports
    • HWg-Trigger: Alert redirection to SMS, pop-up messages, PC shutdown...
    • Online portal: (remote monitoring of several devices/sensors free of charge over the Web, can be connected to a mobile app)
    • Support for programmers: HWg-SDK
    • Third-party SNMP software
      (Nagios, The Dude, Zabbix, IBM Tivoli, HP OpenView, OpManager, IMM (Intellipool Network Monitor), Monitor one, Cacti, MRTG, Opsview, LoriotPro, Axence nvision, Ipswitch WhatsUp, Paessler IPCheck, MSC Operations Manager 2007)


  • Alert the operator to the first few drops of water when a leak or flood occurs.
    Early warning
    in the first few minutes can dramatically reduce damages.
  • The IP water detector is supplied with a 2m sensing cable that is easily installed at the place endangered by water.
  • Whenever a flood is detected or the cable disconnected, you receive an e-mail or a text message (SMS).
  • “WLD sensing cable A” is easy to mount, it can be freely bent and twisted. Even then, there will be no false alarms – common in other water leak detection systems.
  • The water leak detection cable can be easily extended at multiple places using sensing segments or non-sensing extension segments.
  • After flooding with clean water, the cable can be cleaned, dried and reused.
  • The HWg-WLD water flood detector can be ordered as a PoE version and powered over the LAN cable.


1D/2D water flood detection products

  Water leak detection Output Power WEB
1D – spot detector 2D – area detector LAN 1-Wire UNI (RJ11) Relay (NO/NC)
HWg-WLD Power Adapter
HWg-WLD PoE Power Adapter +
PoE (IEEE 802.3af)
HWg-WLD Relay 12V / -
Flood detector 1W-UNI 3m -
Flood detector LD-12 (OC) 12V

Water flood detection in 1D or in 2D

  • A spot detector (1D) is a simple and cheap solution.
  • An area detector (2D) can alert the operator even to the first few drops of water.
  • With an area detector, you can solve the source of the flood and avoid the consequences.

Examples of using the water flood detector

  • Detection of water entering a server room
  • Detection of a flood in a room in a 2D area (WLD sensing cable routed along the walls where water might enter)
  • Detection of damaged pipes or valves and leaking water or coolant (water / ethylene glycol)
  • Early warning by e-mail when a basement is flooded with water
  • Pipeline leak detection and alarm (cable routed along the pipeline)
  • SMS warning when a liquid is detected near rechargeable batteries
  • Water detection in a 2D area under raised floors
  • Detection of water leaks under air-conditioning outlets
  • Detection of water flood in a freezing or cooling plant
  • Detection of damaged heating pipes
  • Environment monitoring in remote technology sites
  • E-mail alarm when water is detected at the bottom of a shaft (pipeline leak detection)
  • Water leak or flood detection anywhere in the building is signaled by an acoustic alarm at the guards' station or maintenance room


Water sensing cable for 2D detection

  • "WLD sensing cable A" is available in several lengths (2 / 10 / 30 m) that can be connected as needed (max 85m).
  • "WLD sensing cable A" can be extended with the WLD A prolong cable 5m (max 100m).
  • "WLD sensing cable A" is a robust and resilient solution:
    • WLD sensing cable can be freely bent, there is no minimum radius to observe.
    • WLD sensing cable can be twisted or even knotted without giving false alarms.
    • WLD sensing cable is pressure-resistant, and even a slight pinch does not raise a false alarm.

  • J-clips are included to mount the cable easily.
  • Disconnection of the cable triggers an alarm similar to the flood alarm.
  • After flooding with clean water, the cable can be cleaned, dried and reused.
  • The non-sensing extension cable – “WLD A prolong cable 5m” – can be added.


Cable extension saves costs

  • Flood detection must be placed near water sources: doors, windows, ascending pipes and branches.

  • Non-sensing extension cable WLD A prolong cable – can reduce the installation costs by 20–70% while maintaining the advantage of early warning to the first few drops of water.
  • Three segments of the WLD sensing cable A are used: 2x 2m + 1x 10m.
  • The entire cable in the picture forms one “zone” with three possible states – “OK”, “Flooded”, “Disconnected”.
  • In a real installation, do not forget potential water sources “behind the wall”.



Software, Online portal, Mobile apps

    Software and applications for IP WatchDog2
  • Configuration: UDP Config  – Configuring the IP address
  • Reaction to events: HWg-Trigger (MS Windows)
    Whenever a flood is detected or the cable disconnected, HWg-WLD sends a SNMP Trap. The software receives the trap and reacts (sends a SMS, displays an alert, activates a remote relay, ...).

  • Monitoring and logging: HWg-PDMS
    Monitoring software, detection charts, output to MS Excel.
  • Online service for remote monitoring:

  • Third-party software:
  • For programmers: HWg-SDK
    Description of the M2M interface and examples of collecting data and working with the protocols in several programming languages
    (JAVA, PHP, Borland C++ Builder 6.0, Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, Borland Delphi 6.0, Microsoft Visual Basic & Excel VBA, VB.NET, C code for Linux, JavaScript (AJAX) Microsoft Visual C# 2005 (.NET))

>> Software and applications

Text message (SMS) alerts

HWg-Trigger application for Windows

The HWg-Trigger application can be started on any MS Windows PC.
This application, based on “IF – THEN“ rules, checks for device alarms, including outages. Alarm status can be notified e.g. by sending a SMS to a specified number.

Dialing a number + sending a text message through a central SMS-GW

Text message (SMS) alerts to outages of a monitored device can be sent from IP WatchDog2 Industrial using a central SMS-GW.
In the web interface of IP WatchDog2, configure the recipient's phone number and the IP address of your central “HWg-SMS-GW” gateway.
No software is necessary, only a working LAN connection is needed.

One “HWg-SMS-GW” gateway can be shared by several devices (e.g. Poseidon2 4002 in the picture).


Frequently Asked Questions

    Ask for the price or details:
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    Country: *

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  • Do you need advice with your cable based water leak detection project?
    Please contact us.
  • Can I reuse the "WLD sensing cable A" after detecting a flood?
    Yes, as long as it was flooded with clean water. The sensing cable can be dried and reused. The time needed to hang-dry the cable depends on the location and air draught. The sensing cable can be dried by hand using a piece of textile or paper cloth in a few minutes.
  • The supplied sensing cable is only 2m long, can I order a longer cable?
    Yes, please contact your distributor. The “WLD sensing cable A” can consist of several segments, the maximum total length is 85m (280ft).
  • Is it possible to extend the cable using a non-sensing cable?
    Yes, the “WLD sensing cable A” can be extended using the (non-sensing) “WLD A prolong cable 5m”.
    If 5m (16ft) is not enough, the prolong cable can be further extended with a regular two-wire (min AWG24) cable by up to 100m (330ft).
  • Is it possible to detect the exact spot of the flood?
    No, HWg-WLD only detects the presence of water somewhere along the sensing cable, without a precise indication of the location.
    For a more precise indication of the leak location, it is necessary to use several HWg-WLD units and detect flood in multiple detection zones.
  • How can I redirect the water leak alert to SMS?
    • HWg-WLD alerts you to water leaks by e-mail or SNMP trap.
    • HWg-WLD can send text message (SMS) alerts via a HWg-SMS Gateway in your network.
    • HWg-WLD can be connected to the service that can send e-mail or SMS.
    • HWg-WLD status can be monitored using the HWg-Trigger application on a PC with a GSM modem.
      The application is free of charge and runs on Windows.
    • With SNMP, alerts can be redirected using a suitable SNMP monitoring suite (Nagios, Paessler, Zabbix, ...).
  • Text messages can be unreliable. Can I receive a warning call?
    Yes, the HWg-WLD IP water detector can dial up to 5 telephone numbers upon alarm (requires SMS-GW).
  • Where can I find the MIB file for connecting with my SNMP software?
    The HWg-STE.mib file is available at the "System" page. Simply save it and import it into your SNMP software.
  • Is it possible to power the HWg-WLD over the Ethernet?
    Yes. However, you must order the “HWg-WLD PoE” version. The PoE version can be powered either from an AC adapter, or over the Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af).
  • HWg-WLD PoE does not work after connecting to a PoE switch, it only works when powered from the AC adapter. What is wrong?
    Most PoE switches require that PoE supply is explicitly enabled for individual ports. Make sure that PoE is enabled for the particular port.
  • Can I signal water flooding over a GSM / GPRS network?
    Yes. However, use the HWg-WLD Relay water leak detector + an Ares unit (GSM monitoring).
  • How can I create a graph or a protocol with recorded leaks?
    Use the supplied HWg-PDMS software. Recorded values can be displayed in a graph or exported to MS Excel.
  • Where can I find the prices of your devices?
    Ask our distributors, or request a quote directly from us using the form at this page.


Ordering numbers

Ordering code Description
HWg-WLD Water detector Ethernet water flood detector – set
HWg-WLD water leak detector. Complete package with a power adapter (EU, US, UK), CD, 2m (6.5ft) leader cable + 2m (6.5ft) sensing cable.
HWg-WLD PoE Water detector Ethernet water flood detector with PoE – set
HWg-WLD PoE – water leak detector with PoE (IEEE 802.3af). Complete package with a power adapter (EU, US, UK), CD, 2m (6.5ft) leader cable + 2m (6.5ft) sensing cable.
HWg-WLD plain LAN Water Leak Detector
LAN water leak detector only. No power adapter, no cables.
HWg-WLD PoE plain LAN PoE Water Leak Detector
LAN water leak detector only. PoE (Power over Ethernet) version, IEEE 802.3af compatible. No power adapter, no cables.
Mount plate E – 1U Mounting bracket for a rack, 1U installation of HWg-Ares, Poseidon2 3266/68 and other products. - item photo
Mount plate D Bracket for attaching HWg-Ares, Poseidon2 3266/68 or other products to a wall. - item photo
DIN Rail box set Bracket for mounting on a DIN rail. - photo
HWg-SMS-GW3 Central SMS Gateway – start set
Central GSM SMS gateway for sending text messages from other HW group devices over the LAN. Includes an internal GSM modem, an external antenna with 3m cable, a power adapter and a CD. - photo

Water sensing cables

Ordering code Description
WLD sensing cable A – 2m 2m (6.5ft) WLD flood detection cable
Detects water flood anywhere along its length. The cable can be extended with another 2 / 5 / 10 m cable, or a non-sensing “WLD A prolong cable 5m” extension.
WLD sensing cable A – 10m 10m (33ft) WLD flood detection cable
Detects water flood anywhere along its length. The cable can be extended with another 2 / 5 / 10 m cable, or a non-sensing “WLD A prolong cable 5m” extension.
WLD sensing cable A – 50m 50m (164ft) WLD flood detection cable
Detects water flood anywhere along its length. The cable can be extended with another 2 / 5 / 10 m cable, or a non-sensing “WLD A prolong cable 5m” extension.
WLD A prolong cable 5m 5m (16ft) non-sensing, extension WLD cable
5m extension of the “WLD sensing cable”. This extension does NOT detect flood. It is possible to connect several of these cables, or to extend this cable with a regular (two-wire, CAT5) cable to a maximum of 100m (330ft).
J-clips 10 for WLD cable Set of 10 adhesive clips for mounting the sensing cable – photo.
WLD sensing cable A – 2+2m 2m (6.5ft) WLD flood detection cable + connection cable
Set of cables to connect to HWg-WLD (connection cable 2m) and a WLD water flood sensing cable (WLD sensing cable A - 2m). Total length 4m, terminated. Only needed for the “HWg-WLD plain” version.
WLD A connection cable 2m HWg-WLD connection cable
2m (6.5ft) connection cable to HWg-WLD and a terminator for terminating the "A".. cable. Only needed for the “HWg-WLD plain” version.



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