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PortStore5: Full RS-232 serial port to Ethernet with logging

PortStore5 connects a full RS-232 or RS-485 serial port to a LAN. Features a 4 MB internal flash memory for RS-232 data capture.
Stored data can be retrieved when the LAN connection is re-established. Remote serial port can be accessed in Windows as a Virtual Serial Port.
WEB-based configuration and full RS-232 serial port (9 pins).

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PortStore5 is a RS-232 and RS-485 serial port to Ethernet converter with an internal memory. PortStore5 features a truly full 9-pin serial port. The serial port converter can be connected to a PC over the LAN, with the serial port accessible in Windows as a Virtual Serial Port (VSP) – e.g. COM17. HW group offers a free HW VSP Multiport application that supports up to 100 remote serial ports on a single PC.

  • 4MB internal memory, protected against power failure
  • Full RS-232 serial port (9 wires)
  • Web-based configuration, free Virtual Serial Port for Windows supports up to 100 ports

For programmers: Control the product from your own application in minutes. Make your work easier with many examples for various programming languages in the HWg-SDK (Borland C++ Builder, MS Visual C, VB, Delphi, C#, PHP, JAVA).

I/O Controller 2 - full serial port to ethernet

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Web interface: 1 2

Basic features

  • Ethernet: RJ45 (100BASE-T / 100 Mbit/s)
  • Configuration: Web interface, Telnet
  • RS-232 serial interface: 1x full serial port (9 pins: RxD, TxD, GND, CTS, RTS, DSR, DTR, RI, CD)
  • RS-485 serial interface: Yes, up to 115,200 Bd
  • Serial port logger memory: 4MB
  • Email alert: Yes
  • M2M protocols: http, Telnet, TCP Server, TCP Client/Server, RepBuf, RFC2217
  • Support for 9-bit protocols: Yes
  • Support for programmers: HWg-SDK
  • Virtual serial port: HW VSP3 supports up to 100 remote serial ports.

Serial port data logging

  • PortStore5 can be used as a serial port logger that works even during LAN communication outages.
  • Data received from the serial port are safely stored in the internal Flash memory and protected against power failure.
  • RS-232 port of PortStore5 can be simultaneously used for data capture (CDR/SMDR, PBX call accounting) and for remote access (HW VSP – virtual serial port).

Full RS-232 serial port

  • PortStore5 supports in hardware a full RS-232 serial port with received data backup
  • The HW VSP application (Virtual Serial Port) supports full serial ports
  • For third-party SW implementations, RFC2217 can be used
  • PortStore5 also supports 9-bit data transfer over the serial port
  • PortStore5 can be used as an Ethernet com port (remote serial port)


Remote (virtual) COM port over Ethernet (LAN)

  • Remote serial port for connecting any RS-232 device (full serial port = 9 pins).
  • The HW VSP application creates virtual serial ports in Windows (e.g. COM17 and COM18)
  • Connect RS-232/RS485 devices over LAN – barcode / RFID scanners, serial printers, displays, PLC, CNS, various machinery, ...
  • PortBox2 works in the same way but does not have an internal data memory (buffer).
  • PortStore5 stores the serial port data into its internal memory (buffer). If the LAN communication fails, data will be sent to the virtual serial port later.
  • A variety of RS-232/RS485 devices can be connected – barcode / RFID scanners, serial printers, scales, POS cash registers, PLC, CNS, various machinery, ...



Backing up data from remote RS-232 / RS-485 devices

  • Several devices with RS-232 data output are connected to PortStore5 or PortBox2 units.
  • The PS Eye application collects data from all remote serial ports.
  • Data from each device is stored to a separate text (TXT) file for further processing.
  • A PortBox2 can be also used to connect RS-232; however, it does not guarantee data storage in case of LAN or power failure (does not have a buffer).


PortStore5 usage examples

  • Backing up data sent to a RS-232 printer
    • Security system status
    • Barcode scanners
    • Scales (weighing systems)
    • Weather stations
  • Connecting RS-232 / RS-485 systems to the Ethernet
  • Logging and analysis of a full RS-232 / RS-485 communication
  • Capturing data from a presence registration system


User software

    • UDP Config – Configuring the product IP address, further configuration over the WEB
    • Hercules – Configuration (IP address, Telnet configuration) + testing utility for Windows (Serial, UDP and TCP terminal)
    • HW VSP – Free HW Virtual Serial Port for Windows.
      PortStore5 is also supported by the HW-VSP Multi version that supports up to 100 virtual serial ports on a single PC.

Data retrieval applications for end users

  • PS Eye
    Windows application that periodically downloads data and stores it on the PC. Can also work under Win NT/2000/XP in the “NT service” mode. Available as an executable file and source code (Borland C++). 


  • PS2 Config
    Utility to simplify PortStore2 PL configuration. Includes a PBX emulator for a local serial port to test the system.


For programmers

    • HWg-SDK with examples
      SDK (Software Development Kit) with examples of controlling PortBox2 / PortStore5 is available for download free of charge.

      • EX114: PortStore Downloader CMD (C++ Builder)
      • EX118: PS_downloader (C++Builder)
      • EX214: PortStore Downloader CMD (MSVC 6.0)
      • EX218: PortStore Downloader (MSVC 6.0)
      • EX318: PortStore Downloader (Delphi 6, ActiveX)
      • EX418: PortStore Downloader (VB 6.0, ActiveX)
      • EX518: PortStore Downloader (.NET C# , ActiveX)
    • NVT (Network Virtual Terminal) – M2M communication protocol

FAQ & Support

Ask for the price or details:
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  • What makes PortStore5 different from older PortStore products?
    PortStore5 is based on and software-compatible with the previous model, PortStore2 PL. It adds a WEB interface, e-mail alerts in case of full buffer, and larger memory for incoming serial data.
  • Is it possible to capture binary data from the serial port?
    Yes, PortStore5 as well as the support utilities (HW VSP and PS Eye) are fully transparent.
  • Are RS-485 data stored to the internal buffer, too?
    Yes, the user can select either full RS-232 serial port or RS-485 as the input. The selected input is then captured into the internal memory.
  • Reading data from the buffer in the RAW format does not suit me. Is there another way?
    Yes, use the RepBuf protocol with the PS Eye application or the examples in HWg-SDK.
  • Does PortStore5 fit on a DIN rail?
    Yes, it is possible to add a standard DIN rail bracket – available as an accessory.
  • How can I configure the IP address of the PortStore5?
    To set the IP address, run the "UDP Config" utility on a PC connected to the same network.
    Another option is to configure the unit over its serial port – see the manual.
  • How can I change the ethernet com port speed (baudrate)?
    The default settings can be changed in the PortStore5 WEB setup.
    When using HW VSP (Virtual Serial Port) for Windows, the remote port adapts itself to the local port settings in the PC.
  • Is it possible to extend a RS-232 line using the Ethernet by connecting two PortStore5 units back-to-back?
    Yes. The configuration is similar to PortBox2, you will find all the details in the manual.
  • Is it possible to use several virtual serial ports on a single PC with HW VSP?
    Yes. Use Multi HW VSP, it supports up to 100 remote ports on a single PC.
  • Is it possible to read/control all RS-232 signals (DSR, DTR, RI, CD, ...)?
    Yes. RFC2217 allows reading and controlling all signals of a full RS-232 serial port over the Ethernet.
    However, if you need to connect digital inputs and outputs to the serial port, use our IP Relay or I/O Controller2 products.  
  • Where can I find product pricing?
    Ask our distributors, or request a quote from us (by e-mail or by filling out this form).
  • What is the warranty?
    The standard warranty for this product is 2 years, can be extended upon request.



Item Description
PortStore5 SET PortStore5 quick start set: PortStore5 unit (buffer), power adaptor, manual, CD, LapLink cable.
PortStore5 PortStore5 device: serial port to Ethernet buffer. Full RS-232 serial port, RS-485, Logger, Web interface, Windows Virtual Serial Port free of charge. Device only, no accessories.
DIN Rail box set DIN rail mounting set

More accessories



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