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Damocles model 2404

Product replaced by a new generation Damocles2 2404.

Damocles model 2404 is the unit of the digital inputs and outputs controlled over web. Apart from email, www graphical interface, also networks protocols are supported (SNMP, XML, Modbus/TCP and others..).

Damocles model 2404 unit accesses 24 digital inputs (galvanic isolated) and 4 relay outputs over Ethernet network. This model supports the connection of temperature sensor over RS-232 interface.

The input and output values and the relay control are accessible from any internet browser or by network protocols.

Damocles is intended for the use in industry, this version supposes mounting on the DIN rail, the unit can be situated in 19“ RACK or in the telecommunication environment.

  • 24 Digital inputs : All galvanic isolated
  • 4 Relay outputs: NO and NC contacts available
  • Temperature sensor input: Can be connected over RS-232
  • Sensor value out of range: sending Email or SNMP Trap to several recipients.
Damocles 2404

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Damocles 2404 Flyer
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  • Control the relay over the network – relay can be switched on by three clicks on the mouse
  • Monitoring of the temperature sensors, opened door detection, motion and dangerous gas detectors and others
  • Processing of external inputs and outputs in the telecommunications
  • Connection of external inputs into the SCADA systems
  • Remote monitoring of Diesel aggregates and other technologies over SNMP
  • Intelligent buildings (measurement of the temperatures, stop contacts, EZS, EPS..)
  • Camera systems (door-contacts, PIR sensors..)

Basic features of the 2404 model

  • Ethernet - RJ45 (10BASE-T -IEEE 802.3)
  • 24 digital inputs (galvanic isolated) - possibility of the connection of the contact
  • 4 relay inputs - relay contacts (NC and NO)
  • Temperature sensor on the RS-232 interface - Temp-232 (-10 up to +80 °C, into 20 meters distance)
  • Intuitive graphical WWW interface (FLASH Setup) for very easy setting (screen view)
  • Opened communication protocols (SNMP, XML, Modbus/TCP and others..)
  • Alarm alert
    • E-mail (SMTP)
    • SNMP Trap
    • SMS in the GSM network (over supplied software)
  • Security
    • Access passwords
    • Range of IP adrresses
    • HW protection: You can prohibit the configuration change by the setting of mechanical switch on the device
  • It´s possible update FirmWare over WWW or RS-232, you can download the last version from our www pages
  • Free SDK (Software Development Kit) library with the application examples
    (Visual Basic, Delphi, C++, .NET ...)
  • OEM =  Original Equipment ManufacturerFor OEM partners, from the series of 50 pieces we can change the device name, HTML pages design, contact summary etc...

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Download and links



  • WEB (HTML)
    State of digital inputs and outputs is displayed on WWW page. The page is automatically reloaded each 5 seconds. On the main page, there are links of Flash Setup, update FirmWare and others..
  • XML
    All values, the informations about the alarm states including, are accessible in .XML file (values.xml) and for any application it´s easy read them from XML tags - more informations..
  • SNMP
    SNMP is protocol for administration of telecommunication devices, network infrastructure and related technologies. Damocles is fully controlled over SNMP - more informations..
  • Modbus/TCP
    Modbus/TCP is industry standard for input of values from the sensors into visualization and SCADA systems. All sensors values are accessible over Modbus/TCP - more informations..
  • Alarms
    • SNMP Traps
      In the case of alarm situation, it sends SNMP Trap with the description of alarm state at defined IP address - more informations..
    • Email
      Apart SNMP Trap, it´s possible, in the case of alarm situation, send email at the defined email address with the description of alarm state - more informations..

>> Damocles – communication protocols.


HW interface

  • 24x Digital inputs (Dry Contact)
    Damocles 2404 has 24 digital inputs (galvanic isolated) for the connection of voltage (5-20V) or contacts (door contacts, PIR sensors, motion detectors, stop sensors etc.)
  • 4x relay outputs
    Damocles 2404 supports 4 digital outputs like relay contacts. For each output 1x NC and 1x NO.
  • RS-232
    Damocles 2404 makes possible the software connection of one temperature sensor over RS-232 interface.
    Temp-232 (-10 up to +80 °C distance: up to 20 meters)


Technical specification of Damocles 2404

  • Ethernet: RJ 45 (10BASE-T - IEEE802.3)
  • Port 1: RS-232 (connector Cannon 9 Male), possibility of connection of temperature sensor
  • 24x Digital input: prepared for directly connection of contacts
  • 4x Relay output: relay contacts NC and NO
  • Device setting:
    • Locally - RS-232 Setup - IP address setting etc..
    • UDP Config - IP address setting etc.. - operates remotely over the network, but only on the local segment of the network,
    • Over HTTP - graphical interface Flash - ensured by password and defined range of IP addresses.

Ethernet port  
+ Interface RJ45 (10BASE-T) – 10 Mbit or 10/100 Mbit network compatible
+ Supported protocols IP: ARP, TCP/IP (HTTP, Modbus over TCP), UDP/IP (SNMP)
+ SNMP compatibility Ver:1.00 compatible, some parts of the ver 2.0 implemented
Serial port 1 DB9M - RS-232  
+ RS-232 interface RxD,TxD,RTS,CTS,GND   (max. 1 sensor, up to 20 m)
+ Pinout Standard IBM PC - DB9M (RxD,TxD,RTS,CTS, GND)
Digital inputs  
+ 24x Contact inputs (Dry contact) Galvanic isolated 5-20V, max distance 30m,
connect it with a contact directly (dry contact).
Digital outputs  
+ 4x Relay contacts up to 5A/110V AC or 5A/24V DC
1x NC and 1x NO for every output
LED Status indicators
+ POWER Green - power OK
+ LINK & Activity Green - Ethernet connectivity
+ Alarm & RS-232 Setup Red - blinking - Device is in the RS-232 Setup mode
Red - lit - One (or more) of the input is in Alarm State
DIP SWITCH configuration
+ DIP1   - RS--232 Setup mode ON   = RS-232 Setup mode over Port 1 (RS-232 mode only)
OFF = Run mode
+ DIP2   - Security ON   = Security mode - remote configuration disabled
OFF = Non-Security mode - remote configuration enabled
+ DIP3-8 Not used
Physical parameters  
+ Voltage requirements 12-24 V/ 600 mA DC- coaxial power connector (barrel), GND on the shield
Another possibility is to connect power directly to the terminal board
+ Dimensions 40 x 140 x 80 [mm] (H x W x D )
+ Weight 500 g
Functional parameters  
Device SETUP configuration possibilities - RS-232 Setup - over any RS-232 terminal 9600 8N1
- UDP Config - IP address assign via UDP with using Hercules SETUP utility
- TCP Setup - Terminal configuration and sensors management
- WWW Setup - HTTP Flash application

Port 1 - DB9M
Example of inputs connection

1 - - Not used
2 RxD <-- Receive Data
3 TxD --> Transmit Data
4 - - Not used
5 GND --- System Ground
6 - - Not used
7 RTS --> Request to Send
8 CTS <-- Clear to Send
9 - - Not used


Which software use?

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  • How long does it take to supply ordered samples?
    We keep Damocles 2404 unities in stock, we send the samples within 24 or 48
    At the confirmation of your order, we send you email including term of delivery.
  • What kind of guarantee do you provide?
    Standard guarantee is 2 years, it´s possible extend it by contract.
  • Where I can find the prices of devices?
    You can ask our distributors or ask for price (by Email or form).
  • Where I can find the price of Damocles and accessories for my project?
    Send us email (see Contacts), or Demand form. Introduce more informations about your project, how many Damocles unities and which accessories do you need. Don´t fotget write us in which software data will be processed or what do you expect from the program. Write us where are you come from too. We can recommend you the installation company in your neigbourhood.
  • Can I pay by card?
    Yes, but not on-line. Fulfill your order in our on-line form, press the key and the form is printed. In printed form fulfill data from your credit card, sign it and fax it on our number.
    Or you can pay by bank transfer.
  • How you will deliver my order?
    We use a couple of delivery companies, for express delivery we use FedEx.

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Order number


OID Type description
600 231
Damocles model 2404 (photo)
600 270
Damocles model 2404 set (photo)
Recommended evalueation start set for the work with Damocles 2404.
 - Damocles model 2404 [600 231]
 - EU Power adaptor [600080]
 - DB9 Laplink cable 2m [600032]
 - manual, CD
600 277
Damocles model 2404 Tset (photo)
Start set for the work with Damocles 2404 unit, temperature sensor included.
  - Damocles model 2404 [600 231]
  - Temp-232 [600051]
  - EU Power adaptor [600080]
  - DB9 Laplink cable 2m [600032]
  - manual, CD


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