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IP WatchDog Lite

Product replaced by a new generation IP WatchDog2 Lite.

IP WatchDog Lite monitors function of Ethernet devices. Compared with its full version, the IP WatchDog Lite detects the devices' functionality using only PING. If there is no response within a specified time period, IP WatchDog will RESET the device (or switch to a back-up communication circuit, set off an alarm etc.) A single WatchDog Lite device can independently monitor up to two devices, such as servers, routers, access and security systems.

IP WatchDog Lite monitors two independent channels (each channel controls one of the two relays) where it detects responses from remote device to ICMP command - PING. In case of remote device drop-out, the IPWatchDog activates the relay. This way you can restart device, shut it down for a specified time or start for example a back-up circuit.

Detection of remote device's function:

  • Monitored device receives a PING that is sent periodically from IP Watchdog.
  • Monitored device sends PING periodically to IP Watchdog's IP address.
IP WatchDog Lite - Resetator, restarter, ping monitor - Large picture

Application examples

  • Ping monitor topoplogyServer and Router monitoring and restarting.
  • Monitoring of network infrastructure.
  • ADSL and cable modem supervision.
  • WIFI AP monitoring
  • Security and access systems
  • Backup connection activating in case network connectivity failure.


IP WatchDog functions

  • Monitoring ethernet devices using outgoing PING (ICMP)
    Note: It is possible to enter an alternative IP address for monitoring functionality of the network line (for instance).
  • Monitoring ethernet devices using incoming ICMP command - PING.
  • Note: It is possible to provide an alternative IP address for example for network line monitoring.
  • It can reset device after its failure.
  • It can launch backup systems in case of long dropout.
  • Manual relay control via WWW interface (password protected).





Basic properties

IP WatchDog - Hlídací pes - ping monitor, www monitor
  • Ethernet - RJ45 (10BASE-T - IEEE 802.3).
  • Two independent relays intended to use two switching contacts to reset or start monitored devices
  • One relay contact is always nonpotentional, the second is connected to WatchDog's power supply
  • Manual control (Startup / Shutdown / Restart) of the monitored devices.
  • Time synchronization from internet / intranet, using TIME, NTP/SNTP or DayTime protocols.
  • Device configuration methods:
    • WWW page – configuration of device's reactions, including option of manual relay control.
    • UDP Config – configuration of basic network parameters (MASK, IP, Gateway).
    • TCP Setup – remote configuration of basic parameters in terminal over TCP.
  • Access security and relay control:
    • IP range - it is possible to define a range of IP addresses that can communicate with the device.
    • User name and password - Access to WWW pages and TCP setup
  • Power supply: 12-24 V AC or DC
  • Dimensions: 35 x 101,5 x 76 [mm].
  • SW: Wide range of examples and previews for Windows and Unix/Linux.
  • Detailed technical specifications: IP WatchDog Lite - Technical specifications


  Channels Industry Relay Output Functionality detection
PING Push PING Request WEB Push PING Request RS-232 string
IP WatchDog Lite 2 SOHO 30V / 1A * *
IP WatchDog WR02a
2 DIN mounting 230V/16A
* You can order this function as special firmware upgrade.

Download & Datasheets

Flyer Datasheet
Technical detailes to IP WatchDog (PING monitoring)


Connection topology

 Connection topology

Useful SW and utilities

  • Hercules SETUP Utility
    Multifunctional utility, used for configuring and testing Watchdog device.
    • RS-232 terminal
    • TCP/IP Client terminal
    • TCP/IP Server terminal
    • UDP terminal
    • UDP Config
    • Test mode (TCP/IP NVT commands + TEA)

    This utility is free for use and further distribution..
    Hercules Setup Utility            


Standard IP WatchDog Lite

IP WatchDog Lite (600 218) is ready to be used. It contains device itself, manual, CD and necessary cabling.
  • IP WatchDog Lite plain in a plastic enclosure [600 217]  
  • Power adaptor - European version [600 080]
    (or US version [600 081] or UK version [600 082])
  • Printed manual (datasheet on CD)
  • CD containing necessary software - directory /IP_WatchDog/
  • 2 pices of a 2-pin Terminal Block [602 219]

If you need other power adaptor than European, please, specify this in your order, so we can send you a US or UK version.


Device versions

IP WatchDog can be supplied in several versions that differ in included accessories.

Product name
Device Version
600 218
IP WatchDog Lite Complete package of IP Watchdog Lite, with power source, 2 dual terminal boards, CD with software and manual. (photo)
600 217
IP WatchDog Lite plain Standalone IP Watchdog Lite in plastic casing
600 287
IPWT Lite WWW upgrade IP WatchDog Lite FW update to support 4 refresh methods.
Original PING in, PING out and additionally HTML page request (incomming) and HTML page with defined text string validation (outgoing).

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Optional accessories and related products


Frequently asked questions

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Question : What is the difference between IP WatchDog and its Lite version?
Answer : Unlike the Lite version, the full version can monitor serial RS-232 line and WWW servers. The Lite version only supports the PING function (incoming and outgoing). On the other hand, the full version requires HW configuration of the relay's contacts done by the producer, but the Lite version has two pins lead out for each channel, while one is connected to the power supply.

Question : Can I use IP Watchdog for monitoring internet connection?
Answer : Yes, the easiest way is to use the PING command and check whether there is connection between you and server (Seznam or Google) that supports PING commands.

Question : Is there any guaranty that IP Watchdog will be able to monitor my device?
Answer : Yes, if it can respond to PING.

Question : Closing time of the relay after reset is too long. Is it possible to shorten it?
Answer : The default interval is 5 seconds. You can change it using the parameter Reboot Hold Time from the Channel Admin Page.

Question : How can I start a backup system using IP WatchDog? You always mention only the RESET function.
Answer : Resetting the monitored device is a primary function of the device. Starting the backup systems only extends its functionality as a special mode, which can be activated by setting the Reboot Hold Time parameter to 0. IP WatchDog then stays in the RESET mode until it receives the monitored signal, which informs that the monitored device is active.
This can be used not only for starting an alternative connection but also for lighting up and warning lamp.

Question :How can I avoid repeated attempts for reset, if the monitored device does not respond after the first RESET?
Answer : Unfortunately you cannot. The only thing you can do, is setting the Timeout After Reboot to 0. IP WatchDog will then wait for the first incoming signal from the monitored device. WatchDog does not allow repeating RESET attempts in combination with this configuration.

Question : Is it possible to control network devices with IP WatchDog (at 230V or 110V)?
Answer : Not directly. The internal relay can only switch voltage up to 50V, but it is possible to use external relay at DIN molding with PO configuration (picture of the relay).

Question : How can I change the relay configuration. For example from NO to PF?
Answer : The relay configuration is given by HW configuration and cannot be changed. If you have chosen wrong combination, you'll have to use an external relay or apply for changing the configuration.

Question : How long it takes for IP Watchdog to execute first reset after startup? Can I configure it somehow?
Answer : First reset after startup is defined by parameter Timeout after reboot.

Question : I'm not able to "ping" my IP WatchDog or my computer from the Watchdog. What's wrong?
Answer : First, make sure the Ethernet on the IP Watchdog is enabled. That means that it is not in the Setup mode (red indicator does not blink and WWW page can be displayed by entering Watchdog's IP address in the browser). If there is everything OK, make sure there is no Firewall blocking the communication. If there is some, disable it. Please know, that even the firewall included in Windows XP - SP2 can filter the PINGs. Make sure the firewall does not block ICMP commands or echo reply and echo request which PING uses, and enable them or use alternative method of control (e.g. by WWW page). Some servers block PING commands to prevent "pinging" it down (so called Ping of Death attack).

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