Poseidon 3265 GSM2 Tset is budget-priced set to begin quickly working with Poseidon 3265 and GSM modem. The set contains model 3265, temperature sensor, GSM modem and power adapters. The set contains as well printed description how to begin and CD including all utilities and detailed manual

Poseidon 3265 GSM2 Tset is ready for testing, the supply contains all connecting cables. Simply follow start manual and connect supplied components, connect Poseidon to Ethernet and to power supply.

Using supplied utilities, Your web browser or for example Your PDA you can simply monitor temperature. An Email or SNMP trap will be sent to you in case of safe range exceeding.

GSM modem notifies you of temperature out of safe range via SMS on you mobile phone even in case of Ethernet failure.

Set content

  • Poseidon 3265 GSM2 Tset [600 313]
    GSM modem, antenna, power source and RS-232 extending cable
  • Poseidon unit, model 3265 [600 165]
  • 1x temperature sensor - Temp-1Wire 3m long [600 005]
  • 1x power adapter to connect to socket: EU version - [600 080]
    Make a notice in your order form to change adapter type (Photos: EU, US, UK, overview)
  • Printed start manual - "Starting Guide - Poseidon 3265"
  • CD including docs, FirmWare versions, testing utilities and other SW




Ordering and prices

Samples of Poseidon 3265 GSM Tset2 (OID ordering number 600313) are already available! Please, do not forget to notice in your order form if you need U.S. or U. K. type of power adapter.

Sorry if you need to use different sensors configuration. It is not possible to change accessories for this set but you can order an extra Poseidon unit together with sensors from our assortment including related connecting cables according to your needs.

  • We keep start sets on stock.
  • Other products and sensors are available during couple days
  • The prices which are not in pricelist are available on demand.


Notice: Start sets are sold for attractive prices hence number one customer can order is limited to 3 pieces. Otherwise HW group or our partners will make you an offer for a specific project.


How to order

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OID Device type
600 165 Poseidon model 3265
600 313
Poseidon 3265 GSM2 Tset (photo)
Evaluation set for 3265 model, G10 GSM modem. Package with two power adaptors, Poseidon 3265, GSM modem, connecting cables, one temperature sensor and CD.
600 312
GSM Modemcom G10 (photo)

Special accessories

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