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T-Box hub is designed for connecting sensors over 1-Wire bus to Poseidon Family units. The 1-Wire bus is connected over phone cables and RJ11 connectors. T-Box allows you to connect up to 5 sensors to one Poseidon unit. Keeping the limit of total wiring length, hubs can be series-connected.


The bus of Dallas Semiconductor company which is designed for connecting of several sensors over sort wiring. The bus contains power supply and one data wire, not suitable for locations with EMC disturbance.


T-Box RJ11

Splitter hub for connecting up to 5x RJ11 sensors. Connecting cable is 0.1 m long.



Splitter for 2x RJ11 sensors. Connecting cable with RJ11 connector, we supply with 3 meters long cable.

RJ11 / RJ12 Pins connecting

The RJ11 and RJ12 connectors have the same dimensions, RJ12 has 6 connected pins, RJ11 only 4 pins.
RJ12 RJ11    
1   +5V Power
2 1 - Not used
3 2 Data Transmit Data
4 3 GND Ground
5 4 +5V Power
6   - Not used

The T-Box unit which allows to connect more RJ11 sensors to one Poseidon connector can be series-connected. Mind the total maximum total wiring length of 1-Wire bus (60 meters).


Order number

OID Type description
Poseidon T-Box RJ11 Splitter hub for 1 to 5 sensors (5x RJ11), 10 cm connecting cable.
Poseidon T-Box2 Splitter hub for 1 or 2 sensors (RJ11), 3 m connecting cable.


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