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Poseidon 3266: SNMP Thermometer & DI

Product replaced by a new generation Poseidon2 3266.

Temperature / humidity measurement and monitoring of 4 dry contacts over a LAN (Web, SNMP, E-mail). A MS Excel reporting software with is graphs included for free.

The Poseidon 3266 is a SNMP and web enabled environmental monitor (temperature,  humidity, dry contact).

Four digital inputs (dry contacts) can be used for connecting door contacts, smoke detectors, water flood detectors, detectors of cooling fan failure or 230V supply failure.

Poseidon alerts you by Email or SNMP Trap in case a value is out of a defined range. When an input contact is closed, Poseidon alerts you by email or a SNMP trap. The alert can be delayed by a defined  time (an e-mail is sent if a cabinet door has been open for more than 5 minutes).

  • You can connect up to 5 temperature or humidity sensors.
  • 4 dry contact inputs (Door contacts, power or smoke detectors)
  • Opened door or temperature over limit will send an Email or SNMP trap.
In a typical application, Poseidon 3266 monitors the environment and controls the doors in cabinets or technology rooms (telecommunication nodes, rack rooms, server rooms).

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With the HWg-PD Trigger software, alerts can be redirected to SMS or processed according to the PD Trigger rules. You can switch remote relay over IP or shut down a PC.

In a typical application, Poseidon 3266 monitors the environment and controls the doors in cabinets or technology rooms (telecommunication nodes, rack rooms, server rooms).

Poseidon2 3266 comparison to previous generation

  Poseidon2 3266
Poseidon 3266
Housing Metal Plastic
Power input Jack + Terminal block Jack only
Power output
For powering a smoke detector or other external devices with relay outputs
2x terminal block
RJ11 connectors for connecting external sensors 2x 1x
External sensors (data points) that can be connected
Combined temperature + humidity sensor counts as 2 sensors.
8 5
Supported sensors 1-Wire
1-Wire UNI

All RJ11 sensors from HW group

Temperature & Humidity
sensors only
Digital Inputs (for Dry Contacts) 4 4
Ethernet 10/100 Mbps 10 Mbps
Internal logger 250,000 records
SMS-GW client
For sending SMS alerts through a HWg-SMS-GW device without any software application
E-mail recipients 5 4
E-mail alert to values out of a defined SafeRange
Sending e-mail using SMTP TLS (e.g. gmail)
Periodic e-mail reports
E-mail alarm reminder
HWg-Push protocol (required for
SNMP protocol
Modbus/TCP protocol
Operating temperature range -35 to +85°C (-31 to +185°F) 0 to 65°C (32 to 149°F)


  • Ethernet: RJ45 (10BASE-T)
  • WEB: Embedded WEB server / GUI 
  • Sensors: RJ11 1-Wire (max 5 sensors) - Temperature & humidity
  • Inputs: 4 dry contact inputs (for detectors)
    (Smoke, power, water leak, door contact, air flow, entry to the room)
  • M2M protocols: SNMP, XML and Modbus/TCP
  • Sending SMS: SMS can be sent by remote "SMS GW" device without any additional software (netGSM function).
  • Physical features: plastic housing, dimensions: 36 x 102 x 76 [mm]
  • Response to thresholds: SNMP trap, E-mail
  • Support for programmers: HWg SDK
  • Supported software
    • HWg-PD Trigger: Controls other IP devices, redirects alarms to SMS
    • HWg-PDMS: Logging, export to MS Excel
    • >> Third-party SNMP software
      (HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, Nagios, Zabbix, Cacti, Monitor one, The Dude, Paessler IPCheck, Ipswitch WhatsUp, Axence nVision, CBR little:eye, LoriotPro, GFi NSM, SNMPc 7, CA NSM, ActiveXperts NM, Intellipool NM, MSC Operations Manager 2007)

>> Poseidon model XXXX - overview of models



Applications: security, back-up power source monitoring, logging of processes, heating and cooling monitoring, IT rooms and servers monitoring, racks
  • Security: supervising of sensors in IT rooms.

  • SCADA systems: connecting external DI and sensors
  • Monitoring of back-up power source: UPS and Diesel engines
  • Monitoring of operating conditions: (temperature and humidity) ICT technologies (fire, security and phone systems)
  • Logging of processes: storages, cold-storage rooms, freezers and fridges (food industry and pharmacy)
  • IT – monitoring:  server rooms, 19“ racks (ICT)
  • Camera systems: connecting external sensors (door contact, PIR)
  • Large buildings: heating and air-condition optimization
  • Systems interconnecting:  fire (EPS), security (EZS), access system
  • Air-condition monitoring: temperature and evaporated water leaking
  • Supervising systems: Information points, ATM, terminals



Temperature, humidity, voltage, AC current, air flow, flood, electricity supply, water leak detector, door contact, air flow, entry to the room1-Wire sensors

  • Total bus length max 60 m
  • Each sensor has its own SafeRange. When the range is exceeded (alarm), e-mail or SNMP trap is invoked.


DI (Dry contact inputs) for detectors:

>> More sensors



SNMP Web Big image SNMP Traps


  • WEB (HTML)
    Values and state of sensors are presented on WWW page. The page is automatically reloaded every 5 seconds. There is a link to the Flash Setup, FirmWare update and others from the main HTML page.
  • XML
    All sensor's values as well as alarm status information are available in XML files (values.xml) and any application can log it from XML tags - more information
  • SNMP
    SNMP is a protocol for monitoring telecommunication devices, network infrastructure and related technology. The Poseidon is fully controllable over SNMP (v1, partially v2) - more information
  • Modbus/TCP
    Modbus/TCP is industrial standard for input from sensors and output to visualizing and SCADA systems. All values are available over Modbus/TCP - more information

  • Alarms
    • SNMP Traps
      In case of exceeding "Safe Range" the sensor gets to Alarm status. To notify of this a SNMP Trap including alarm status description is sent to configured IP address - more information
    • Email
      In case of exceeding "Safe Range" the sensor gets to Alarm status. To notify of this an Email including alarm status description is sent to configured email address - more information

>> Poseidon – communication protocols


Technical specification

 dry contact snmp, SNMP thermometer, door contact monitoring, excel reporting, racks room, environmental monitoring system, DI SNMP, dry contact alarm, temperature, humidity, smoke, power failure
Port 1 - Ethernet port  
+ LAN RJ45 (10BASE-T) – 10 Mbit or 10/100 Mbit network compatible
+ Supported protocols IP: ARP, TCP/IP (HTTP, Modbus over TCP), UDP/IP (SNMP)
+ SNMP compatibility Ver:1.00 compatible, some parts of the ver 2.0 implemented
Port 2 - 1-Wire sensor bus  
+ Connector RJ12 (6 pins - 4 pins used only = RJ11 compatible)
+ Sensors / distance max. 60 m total length
Port 3 - Dry contact inputs  
+ 4 Contact inputs Connect it with a contact directly (dry contact).
+ Sensor type NO or NC contact switch
+ Max distance Up to 30 m
LED Status indicators
+ POWER Green - power OK
+ LINK & Activity Yellow - Ethernet connectivity
DIP SWITCH configuration
+ DIP1   - RS--232 Setup mode Not used
+ DIP2   - Security ON   = Security mode - remote configuration disabled
OFF = Non-Security mode - remote configuration enabled
Physical parameters  
+ Voltage requirements 9 - 15V / 250 mA DC
coaxial power connector (barrel), GND on the shield
+ Dimensions 35 x 101.6 x 76.2 [mm] (H x W x D )
+ Weight 150 g


Which software to use

    HWg-PDMS: rack mount temperature monitoring system
  • Configuration: UDP Config  - IP address configuration
  • Event processing: PD Trigger - reacts to events
  • Monitoring and logging: HWg-PDMS - Monitoring software with MS Excel reporting
  • Simple Visualization: SNMPcap - I/O and sensors
  • Visualization: CapTemp - Process monitoring and control
  • Other applications: Third-party SNMP software
  • For programmers: HWg-SDK contains interface descriptions and examples of using M2M protocols in several programming languages
    (JAVA, PHP, Borland C++ Builder 6.0, Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, Borland Delphi 6.0, Microsoft Visual Basic & Excel VBA, VB.NET, C code for Linux, JavaScript (AJAX) Microsoft Visual C# 2005 (.NET))


PD Trigger application example

With the PD Trigger application for Windows, it is possible to receive alarms (SNMP traps) from an unlimited number of Poseidon products and define conditions and actions based on the originating device and the probe name. For example:
  • In case of air conditioning failure in server room A, send a SMS to Peter
  • In case of alarm in server room B, send en E-mail to Tom
  • In case of electricity supply failure anywhere, send SMS to Peter and turn on a warning light at the receptionist's desk

Poseidon 4002: rack mount environment monitoring, e-mail alerting, sms alerts

>> Software for the Poseidon family

Sample ordering

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  • How long does it take to send the ordered samples?
    We keep Poseidon 3266 units on stock and we supply samples them within 24 to 48 hours. We will confirm the delivery time via email.
  • What warranty you offer?
    The standard is 2 years, it can be extended after agreement..
  • Where do I get the price?
    You can ask HW group distributors, or request the price directly from us (HW group form).  
  • How to find out the price of Poseidon, sensors and accessories for my project?
    Ask by the HW group form.
    Fill in number of sensors, individual distance and what values exactly you intend to measure. Do not forget to mention what software you will use for data processing or what do you expect from the program. Tell us where you are from, we may recommend you installation company in your surroundings
  • Can I pay by card?
    Yes but not online. Fill in the online order form, print it out. Write your bank card details, sign it and fax it to our fax number. The other possibility is to pay via bank transfer.
  • How do you supply the order?
    We use several transport companies and FedEx for express shipments.

Order number

OID Type description
Poseidon 3266 Tset Recommended Poseidon model 3266 start-up package.
Power adapter, door contact and temperature sensor (3m cable) included. (photo)
Poseidon 3266 THset Poseidon 3266 start-up package with Temperature & Humidity sensor.
Evaluation set with Temperature & Humidity sensor included. External sensor with 3m RJ11 cable, power adapter, door contact & CD included.
Poseidon 3266 Plain unit of Poseidon 3266 SNMP Thermometer.
No supply adapter, no sensors included.


Accessories for Poseidon model 3266




SNMP thermometer, dry contact snmp, door contact monitoring

excel reporting racks room, environmental monitoring system, DI SNMP, dry contact alarm, temperature, humidity, smoke, power failure

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