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Expander 4xDI 1W-UNI: Expansion module for connecting dry contacts

Expansion module for connecting 4 dry contact inputs to Ares and Poseidon units.
Connect another button, door contact, smoke detector etc. to the 1-Wire UNI bus (RJ11).

Connect four digital sensors (detectors) to Poseidon and Ares units. The expander is connected using a single RJ11 cable. Several Expanders can be daisy-chained.
Supplied with a 3m RJ11 cable.

  • Expander can be combined with other sensors on the bus (temperature, humidity, light intensity, current, ...).
  • Alarms can be configured for each dry contact input in the Ares or Poseidon unit.
    (Normally Open / Normally Closed)
  • The Expander module is powered from the Ares / Poseidon unit.
    Dry contact inputs are electrically connected to the Ares / Poseidon unit.


Front view    Rear view 


  • Input: 4x dry contact input – any detector (e.g. door contact) can be connected
  • Interface: 1-Wire UNI (2x RJ11 for daisy-chaining)
  • Connects to: Poseidon 2250, 4002, Ares 12/14, Poseidon2
  • Power: Bus-powered (1-Wire UNI) or external 5V adapter
  • Environment: Indoor use



Expander 4xDI connected to Poseidon 2250

2xExpander 4xDI connected to Ares 14

  • Sensors: 10x dry contact, 1x temperature, 1x humidity + Ares internal (1x battery, 1x ext. power)
  • Expander 4xDI 1W-UNI can be combined with other sensors
  • Expander 4xDI 1W-UNI occupies 4 sensor positions on the bus.
    This does NOT depend on the actual number of digital inputs used.


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Name Description
Expander-4xDI 1W-UNI 4 dry contact inputs, expander-sensor, RJ11. Connect up to 4 dry contacts. 1-Wire UNI (RJ11), compatible with Ares and Poseidon2.


More accessories

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    Hub for connecting 1 to 8 sensors (RJ11), with power boost. External 12VDC power adapter can be connected. Suitable for 1-Wire and 1-Wire UNI bus.
  • T-Box RJ11 (photo)
    Hub for connecting 1 to 5 sensors (5x RJ11), 10 cm connecting cable.
  • T-Box2 (photo)
    Hub for 1 or 2 sensors (2x RJ11) – 3m connecting cable.


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