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Flood detector LD-12 (water spot detection)

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The LD-12 water flood detector is designed for spot detection of water leaks or detecting excessively high water level. Water detector can be connected to a dry-contact digital input (Poseidon, Damocles, I/O Controller). 12V power, transistor at the output.

The detector indicates a water flood in a room (e.g. basements, bathrooms). The LD-12 detector can be connected to dry-contact inputs (DI - Digital Input). The probe has a 3mm mounting hole for easier installation.

  • Red wire: +12V
  • Black wire: GND
  • Blue wire: Water detection (GND when flooded)
  • Yellow wire: Water detection (GND when not flooded)



Technical specifications


  Water detection Power LAN /  Web  Outputs
Spot detection Detection cable
WLD max 85m
Relay Remote relay Email SNMP Trap 1-Wire UNI
HWg-WLD Power Adaptor
HWg-WLD PoE Power Adaptor +
PoE (IEEE 802.3af)
HWg-WLD Relay 12V
Flood detector 1W-UNI 3m RJ11
Flood detector LD-12 12V *
*Switching transistor output (no relay output).

Poseidon 32xx

Poseidon 400x


OID Type description
600 463  Flood detector LD-12 - water level detector powered by 12V


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