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HTemp-485 T3411

HTemp-485 T3419

PHTemp-485 T7410


Temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and dew point temperature sensors. IP 65/40 allows outdoor usage. Measured values are shown on a display and transmitted to the system over RS-485. The sensors can be used alone, or with Poseidon units.

Multiple sensors can be connected to a single unit. Sensors can be combined with other types of Poseidon-compatible RS-485 sensors.

  HTemp-485 T3411 HTemp-485 T3419 PHTemp-485 T7410
Temperature -30 to +80°C -30 to +105°C -30 to +80°C
Dew point



Connecting the sensors to Poseidon units

  • Sensors can be connected to Poseidon 2250
    • Web server, online access to readings over IP (Modbus/TCP, XML)
    • SNMP for remote monitoring
    • Poseidon sends an e-mail, SNMP trap or SMS (local or remote GSM modem) upon detecting a specified value
    • Logger: Values are logged at specified intervals and e-mailed in a CSV file.


Note: These sensors can't be used with Poseidon models without RS-485 bus (3xxx ).



RS-485 address management

Sensors are shipped preconfigured with a RS-485 address in the range of  „A; E; I; M; Q; V; a; e; i; m; q; v“, and the HWg Poseidon protocol selected.

If you need to change address of the device:

  1. Disconnect all RS-485 sensors from RJ45 on the Poseidon
  2. Connect to the Telnet setup (port 99)
  3. Use the " 9 ... Assign RS-485 sensor address" menu
  4. Connect only one sensor HTemp-485_Txxx to the RS-485 bus. Keep it disconnected and switched RJ45 off (it's powered from the Poseidon).
  5. You'll get request: "Please check you have only one sensor on the RS-485 bus! (Press enter to continue)"
    Connect the RJ45 with RS-485 + Power to the Poseidon and than press Enter.
  6. Enter new sensor address:
    It's first letter from all the adresses, so for example for the type HTemp-485 T3411 you set "M" and assigned adresses are M (°C), N (%RH), O (Dew point).
  7. New address is confirmed. Than use the "3 ... RS-485(Temp-485)" + Autodetection from the main menu.

Note: HTemp-485_Txxx accept new RS-485 address only within first 10 seconds after power-up.



We keep several units in stock.

OID Device type
600 368
HWg HTemp-485 T3411
Temperature and humidity sensor, with a display. Indoor and outdoor usage, IP40 for the probe.
600 369
HWg HTemp-485 T3419
Temperature and humidity sensor, 1m cable, with a display. Indoor and outdoor usage, IP40 for the probe.
600 370
HWg PHTemp-485 T7410
Temperature, humidity and pressure sensor, with a display. Indoor and outdoor usage, IP40 for the probe.


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