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Power Detector: 110/230V AC voltage detection with relay output

Czech version

English version

Voltage failure detector 110/230V (single phase) which can be connected directly to the wall socket. Galvanic insulated relay output (NO) can be connected to a digital input (DI) of any HW group product.

PowerEggPower Detector detects the presence of voltage which it signals on its relay output (galvanic insulated).

Power Detector can for instance be connected to Digital Input (DI) of Poseidon2 3266 or Damocles2 MINI and detect the voltage presence on an UPS input.

Power Detector can be ordered in individual wall plug specific versions, plain without any wall plug adapter or as International version with all EU / UK / US wall plug adapters.

The relay output is NO type, the closed status signalizes the presence of 110-230V voltage. A load of up to 50V/130mA and resistivity of up to 10 Ohm can be connected to the relay output.

Basic features

    Input: Voltage detection 110/230V (Type A, Type C, Type G)  
  • Output: Relay output NO (max 50V / 130V / max 10 Ohm)
  • Compatible with: Poseidon2 3266, 3268, 3468, 4002,
    Damocles2 1208, MINI, 2404, STE2, I/O controller XXXX, HWg-Ares



    Detection of power supply on the input, Switch off output voltage
  • Alarm activation upon supply voltage / phase failure
  • Voltage monitoring at UPS input/output

Detection of power supply on the input, Switch off output voltage


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Product Description
Power Detector 110–230 V Int Plug-in voltage detector with international set of wall plugs
Power Detector 110–230 V EU Plug-in voltage detector with EU wall plug
Power Detector 110–230 V UK Plug-in voltage detector with UK wall plug
Power Detector 110–230 V US Plug-in voltage detector with US wall plug