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The “Vibration detector SS14“ detects vibrations, quivers, shocks and similar phenomena. Sensitivity can be adjusted.
The vibration detector can be connected through a Digital Input to any of our products (Ares, Poseidon, Damocles and others).

A vibration detector / shock sensor is an element of perimeter defense that detects the bursting of doors or windows. The Vibration detector SS14 features adjustable sensitivity, magnet proximity detection and a relay output for easy connection to any Digital Input.


Technical specifications

  • Power: 12VDC/9mA (typical) – 18mA (max)
  • Adjustable sensitivity: Yes
  • Tamper contact: Yes
  • External magnet proximity detection: Yes
  • Size: 77 x 36 x 20 mm

Connecting the shock detector to a GSM Ares unit


We keep several units in stock.

Name Description
Vibration detector SS14 Shock and vibration detector with adjustable sensitivity, 12V, relay output


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