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HWg-Push Nagios collector

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Nagios application for collecting data from IP sensors that support the HWg-Push protocol.
Thanks to the application, the Nagios SNMP monitoring system can include sensors in GSM networks or behind firewalls.

Discover how connect even GSM/GPRS sensors to Nagios..

The HWg-Push Nagios collector application collects measured data from IP sensors that support the HWg-Push protocol.

Sensors periodically connect to the central Nagios server and submit the measured data using HTTP. The “HWg-Push Nagios collector” application receives the data and passes it to the Nagios monitoring system according to the configured parameters.

The “HWg-Push Nagios collector” application runs on the same server as the Nagios system and must be accessible for the IP sensors at a public IP and port. It can be configured using a web interface.

Compatible products:

  • HWg-Ares – GSM thermometer with e-mail (GPRS) and SMS alerts
  • HWg-PWR 3/12/25 – M-Bus to IP gateway for energy metering
  • HWg-STE Push – Ethernet thermometer / hygrometer
  • and more...

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Basic features

  • Application: requires a HTTP server (e.g. Apache) with PHP support
  • Configuring the application: WEB interface
  • Passing data to Nagios: using a named FIFO
  • Advantages of HWg-Push:
    • Sensors can be connected behind firewalls
    • Sensors can be connected over mobile GSM/GPRS networks
    • The HWg-Push protocol communicates periodically every 15 minutes; however, when the measured value rises or falls quickly, the sensor communicates very fast (tens of ms)
    • HWg-Push is economical for GSM networks that charge for the transferred volume of data
    • Sensors can be pre-configured in advance and just connected to a LAN at the installation site (requires DHCP)


Web configuration of Nagios collector

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Changing a HWg-Push device settings:

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Configuring the application:

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