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SNMPcap: Sensors & I/O visualization

English version

Czech version

SNMPcap visualize I/O and Sensors for thee devices (Poseidon, Damocles & HWg-STE). Application is free, it's promotion of more complex CapTemp software.

Easy to use SNMPcap visualization:

  • Showing all sensors, Inputs & Outputs on device
  • Support max 3 devices (Poseidon, Damocles, HWg-STE)
  • Showing graphs for selected sensors
  • Click to output for control remote (On/Off)
  • Easy to use interface, simple installation
  • SNMP / SNMP Traps communication


Note: SNMPcap is promotion for the CapTemp software. But even CapTemp you can test for free within 3 weeks.