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CapTemp and MonTemp

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CapTemp and MonTemp is a pair of utilities to monitor production processes. The programs can supervise all sensors by HW group (temperature and humidity sensors, contacts, etc) as well as sensors by other manufacturers. CapTemp logs the readings into an internal database, displays several most recent ones, and processes conditions and alarms. Alerts to readings within an alarm range are sent by e-mail, or by SMS via a GSM modem connected to the PC.

MonTemp subsequently processes data stored in the database, generates graphic reports, histograms, and ISO or HACCP quality assurance protocols.

CapTemp supports Poseidon, Damocles and I/O Controller products.

  • Well-designed graphical environment
  • Alarm alerts by e-mail or by SMS (sent through a GSM modem)
  • Supports conditions and rules for simple control tasks
  • Evaluation version functions for 21 days without restrictions

Intended users of CapTemp

  • Bakeries: Production process monitoring for certification and optimization purposes.
  • Freezing plants: Storage temperature monitoring, energy savings through optimization and keeping the freezer doors closed.
  • Food processing: Environment monitoring in the processing industry, HACCP compliance reports.
  • Food storages: Storage environment monitoring, HACCP certification compliance reports.
  • Supermarkets: Optimization storage/cooler monitoring systems.
  • Hospitals: Monitoring the storages of medicaments and blood products, alarms upon failures.
  • Pharmacies: Simple system for pharmaceutical storage process certification.

Suitable CapTemp applications

  • CapTemp is a way to give technologists an immediate overview of the environment in a technological process, including its history.
  • CapTemp is a simple software with hundreds of applications in the pharmaceutical and food industries, and takes into account the needs of users in these areas.
  • CapTemp is suitable for monitoring sensors at a single site, using a PC at the technologist's desk.


CapTemp MonTemp
  • Reads values from sensors
  • Stores values into a database
  • Displays current sensor readings
  • Triggers alarms and processes conditions
  • Controls outputs tied to inputs
  • Displays stored data
  • Plots histograms and graphs
  • Generates measurement protocols
  • Enables data export to other systems


Basic features

Retrieving sensor readings

  • Support for HW group products (Poseidon, Damocles, I/O Controller products)
  • Calculation of averages from the acquired values
  • Color-coded device states
  • Sensor reading can be validated by an external input (contact / needle thermometers)

Graphical display of values

  1. MonTemp can graph current and historic values
  2. Comments can be added to the readings and displayed in graphs
  3. Values can be plotted in histograms
  4. Graphs can be printed or exported as images

Alarm processing:

  1. Alert to a sensor reading out of range
  2. Alert to a sensor disconnection / failure
  3. Alerts via e-mail or pop-up windows
  4. Alerts can be sent as text messages (SMS) via a GSM modem
  5. Alarms are independent and linked to individual sensors

Rules and conditions

  1. CapTemp enables advanced alarming based on a group of conditions
  2. CapTemp can react to a sensor in alarm by closing/opening a contact
  3. CapTemp can perform conditional actions, e.g. measure temperature when a button is pressed (contact closed), or when one of several buttons is pressed
  4. Sensors can be grouped into logical groups

Floorplan interface

  1. Current values can be shown with map background (JPG or GIF file).
  2. User can switch between several floormap views.
  3. Alert values are indicated by blinking and different colors.

Data processing for applications

  1. Data can be exported to MS Excel

Alerting and signaling

    • Manual control of outputs
    • Optional alarm delay, minimum output hold time
    • Optional sensor calibration
    • Alerting to unexpected situations: Sensor not found / Reading out of range / Reading OK / Reading out of tolerance
    • Signaling methods: E-mail, SMS, playing a sound, switching a relay contact over the network


    Related utilities

    • MonTemp 3.2.4
      This module can be installed in many computers. The user just need to configurate where is then database (conputer running CapTemp). The folder where is the database must be avaible on the network for the users.
      With this module many users can access to the values and create personal lists and graphs.

    • iLOG 3.2.4
      Special designed to download values from Poseidon 2250 and able to program data-loggers from Maxim Dallas (DS1921-G-H-Z). Can work with remote IP address.

    Ordering numbers

    OID Description
    Download CapTemp
    Freeware version, limited to 21 days of operation and non-commercial use
    600 325 CapTemp F1
    CapTemp license limited to 20 sensors, no GSM modem support (no SMS alerts) >
    Supported devices: Poseidon, Damocles, I/O Controller, Dallas iButton Thermochron
    600 326 CapTemp GF1
    CapTemp license limited to 20 sensors, GSM modem support (SMS alerts)
    Supported devices: Poseidon, Damocles, I/O Controller, GSM modem
    600 327
    CapTemp GF2
    CapTemp license limited to 50 sensors, GSM modem support (SMS alerts)
    Supported devices: Poseidon, Damocles, I/O Controller, GSM modem
    600 502
    CapTemp GF3
    Enterprice CapTemp license limited to 255 devices, unlimitted sensors, Based on PostgreSQL 9.Xi, GSM modem supported (SMS alerts). Supported devices: Poseidon, Damocles, I/O Controller, GSM modem

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