HWg monitor (preliminary)

Preliminary version of HWg Mobile application for displaying current values from the Sensdesk portal or any SensDesk portals (HWportal.cz, Sensdesk.mcs-nl.com, etc) and for devices from the standalone monitoring group.

It allows the user to periodically retrieve values from one or more devices of the STE2, Poseidon2, Damocles2, and other families of various devices, or periodically download and display values from the HW group cloud servers.

The application allows you to easily sort sensors by device or select preferred sensors for priority display.

The software downloads and displays data at user-defined intervals, including status displays. The red color of the sensor means the sensor in Alarm, yellow indicates sensors Disconnected.

Licence type: 
Tested withFirmwareDateResult
2.1.6 and newest
  • Unlimited number of monitored devices and sensors
  • Option to select preferred sensors (Favorites)
  • Shift selection option

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