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M1 - Monitor One

NMS (Network Monitoring System) for SNMP based IT infrastructure monitoring.

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  Starting guide for the M1 software
M1 is a complete solution for network infrastructure monitoring that supports multi-level mapping and a basic Service Desk functionality.

Smart implementation of Poseidon and Damocles products enables fast building of applications, without a need for detailed SNMP knowledge.

The M1 “Monitor one” network monitoring software is the primary product of the Netherlands-based FineConnection company.

  • M1 supports all SNMP-compatible devices
  • M1 can be ordered with an “X type” license for 20 devices (IP addresses), standard licenses work with 50 / 200 / 200+ devices (S/M/L type)
  • M1 is robust – data are accessible through a web interface, stored in a SQL database, etc.
  • Complete alarming management can be customized with external scripts (e.g. to send a SMS)
  • Thanks to direct Poseidon and Damocles support, working with M1 is easy and effective (predefined detections, trends, etc.)
  • Trial version of M1 is available for evaluation purposes (limited to 8 IPs and 24 hours of continuous operation)


Application examples

  • Monitoring of operating conditions: Temperature, humidity, power status, equipment state and functionality
  • IT infrastructure: Server room monitoring, monitoring of individual 19” racks, monitoring of individual servers and devices
  • System monitoring: Monitoring information is displayed as a map (information terminals, ATMs, power supply systems, ...)
  • Security: Monitoring of access to critical points of ICT infrastructure


Intended users

  • Organizations: M1 is a solution for companies that need to monitor LAN, WAN, etc. over SNMP and cannot afford an outage or unreliability
  • Operations center: Monitoring of networks, services and infrastructures enables centralized network management
  • Service organizations: M1 allows flexible monitoring of services being provided, problems can be prevented or fixed in the shortest time possible


Basic features

Graphical network maps

  • M1 can display multi-level interactive maps of network topology. Maps can be tied to a background image (city map, building plan, etc.)
  • Maps are accessed via the M1 client application or the WWW interface
  • Color-coded device states

Uptime monitoring

  • M1 tests device status via ICMP (Ping) or SNMP every 10 to 90 seconds
  • Non-responsiveness can be considered a failure after a defined time, or under specified circumstances


Network performance / SNMP monitoring

  • Basic data about network performance, throughput, etc. are obtained by SNMP polling of individual devices
  • M1 supports standard SNMP v1, v2 and works with MIB files
  • Acquired data can be displayed as tables, graphs (2D, 3D), comparisons, meters, etc.
  • Data are continuously logged into a SQL database

SNMP trap reception

  • M1 receives SNMP traps and analyzes them based on MIB files. Hence, polling interval can be increased while maintaining fast alarm response
  • Received traps can be filtered and analyzed within input processing


Trend analysis, baselining

  • Threshold monitoring provides a quick overview over thousands of input values and warns about suspicious changes without a need for setting all variables manually
  • Smart detection aids the network administrator with built-in detection of common situations
  • Trend analysis supports the use of M1 as a data source (CSV export) and as a front-end for a RRD (Round Robin Database) application executed externally


  • Alerting to unexpected situations, such as:
    • Sensor not found
    • Value out of range
    • Value OK again
    • Tolerance exceeded
  • All reactions can be sorted by priority and time of occurrence, situations can be handled by Service Desk features
  • Alerting methods: E-mail, SMS, sound, IP-controlled relay, external program / script


Other functions

  • M1 Syslog can receive system messages and filter them with overflow protection
  • “Event logging” stores special events and can export them to CSV
  • “Extensive Monitoring” is a special feature that can alert to, for example, disconnected cables


Ordering numbers

OID Description
Download MonitorOne M1 - demo
Free M1 version for evaluation purposes, limited to 8 IP addresses and 24 hours of continuous operation
600 324
MonitorOne M1 X-type
Recommended version for use with Poseidon and Damocles products. Fully functional, supports up to 20 device IP addresses.
Link MonitorOne M1 - S-type / L-type / M-type
Other M1 versions, distributed exclusively by the producer.


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