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The 3rd party Food & Medical solutions

The 3rd party SW applications designed for application in food industry and storing pharmaceuticals overview. Described programs can be seamlesly integrated with products from Poseidon and Damocles product families.


CapTemp screenshot
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The CapTemp logs and evaluates data from several data sources over IP. CapTemp offers user friendly graphic interface and is designed for continuous monitoring of applications in technological processes.
MonTemp is part of CapTemp package, it works with stored data, displays graphs and exports values.

The CapTemp is suitable for monitoring, recording and notifying of Alarm and technological processes monitoring (HACCP).

With latest Condition system, it can be used for supervise and control simple processes as well.

  • Licence: Shareware (full version for 21 days)
  • Supported OS: Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server
    • NT service/daemon: Yes
  • User interface: Local application
    • GUI: Graphic value displaying
  • Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Czech
  • Communication protocols: XML, SNMP Traps
    • MIB Manager: No
  • Response to Alarm:
    • Local features: Sound, pop-up windows
    • Features:
      • Sending emails to several recipients
      • Alarming via SMS (Text messages) - using PC connected GSM modem (USB / RS-232)
      • Switching outputs as alarm reaction or deined  
  • Value outputs: Text protocol (print), Graph (file/monitor), Histogram, MDB database
  • Poseidon and Damocles support: 100% support of devices, Wizard included for easy installation
  • Output control: Yes, individual conditions can be configured
  • Special features: Dallas iButton datalogger support, averaging temperature values, histograms
  • Application examples and customers: reporting for HACCP, bakeries, food storages, pharmacy storages
  • Download:


  • SW version: CapTemp v2.1.3, Windows XP Professional SP2 CZ
  • Hardware: Poseidon 3265, firmware ver. 3.0.1 / Poseidon 1250 fw: 1.9.6 / Damocles MINI fw: 3.0.4 / I/O Controller / PortBox
  • Communication: XML, NVT
  • Tested features: Wizard, add device, conditions controlling device outputs according to values, Email alarming