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The 3rd party Industrial / SCADA solutions

Overview of third-party applications for industrial use, home automation, etc. Listed software works with Poseidon and Damocles line of products.


TIRS.NET screenshot

TIRS.NET is a SCADA/HMI system with visualization and control functions.
Its advantages include quick installation and configuration that can be done by an average MS Windows user. Suitable for reusable solutions. Developer license is available free of charge.
  • Supported OS: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista Professional, Vista Server, Win CE
    • NT service/daemon: Yes
    • Data storage: SQL database
  • Runtime application / development environment: Not separated
  • User interface: Local and network application, graphical display of values
  • Language: CZ, EN
  • Communication protocol with Poseidon and Damocles: XML, SNMP traps
  • Poseidon and Damocles support: Coral demo projects
  • Special functions:
    • Modules can be developed in Visual C
    • Signal configuration via MS Excel sheets (for batch configuration copying and modifications), or by editing XML files directly
  • Application examples, target customers:  
    • Heat exchange stations, measurements of consumed heat, HVAC control
    • Home automation, etc.


  • SW version TIRS.NET, Windows XP Professional SP2 CZ
  • Hardware: Poseidon 3265, firmware ver. 3.0.1 / Poseidon 1250 fw: 1.9.6, Damocles 2404



CapTemp screenshot

Download compiled demo

ProfiLab is a development environment that lets you intuitively design and test control applications using blocks. The result is an executable (.exe) file for Windows with a user panel providing the defined functionality.

The application is "programmed" by simply connecting individual blocks and placing controls to the user interface.

Application design resembles working with function blocks for PLCs; however, programming in ProfiLab is simpler.
Insert a switch block or an indicator block, connect it to a Poseidon or Damocles block, and compile the application. After starting the application, set the IP address and you can start controlling one or more Poseidon and Damocles units remotely over IP.

  • Supported OS: Windows 95,98,ME,NT,2000,XP
    • Resulting application: Windows EXE file
    • NT service/daemon: No
    • WEB server: Planned, not available as of 11/08
  • Runtime application / development environment: Separate
  • License: Unlimited runtime licenses can be generated
  • Language: EN, DE, FR
  • Communication protocol: Modbus/TCP
  • Ready-made examples:
    • Poseidon 3268 (Examples / Hardware / Modbus_TCP / HWg
    • Damocles MINI (Examples / Hardware / Modbus_TCP / HWg )
  • Application examples, target customers:    
    • Simple automation, combination of control and data collection.
    • Automation in homes and small buildings, etc.


  • SW version: ProfiLab-Expert 4.0, Windows XP Professional SP3 CZ
  • Hardware: Poseidon 3268, firmware ver. 3.0.7 / Damocles MINI fw: 1.0.4



TIRS.NET screenshot

PROMOTIC is a SCADA system developed in the Czech Republic. The system offers a simple way of creating distributed applications in the Internet / Intranet environments.
The system can be used as freeware for up to 30 variables.

  • Supported OS: Windows 7/ Vista / XP / 2000 / XPe / 2003-8 Server
  • NT service/daemon:Yes
  • Data storage: SQL database, file-based databases (Access, dBase, etc.)
  • Runtime application / development environment: Not separated
  • User interface: Local and network application, graphical display of values
  • Language: Development environment: CZ, EN, PL; Runtime environment: CZ, EN, PL, HU, DE, RU, SK
  • Communication protocol with HWg-STE: XML
  • Special functions:
    • Scripting support -- VBscript
    • Automatic translation of local images to dynamic HTML. Accessibility over the Web.
  • Application examples, target customers:    
    • Heat exchange stations, measurements of consumed heat, HVAC control
    • Water treatment facilities
    • Warehouse systems
    • Production monitoring
    • Monitoring of emissions
    • Monitoring of energy systems


  • SW version: PROMOTIC 8.0.5., 8.0.6., Windows XP Professional SP2 CZ, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Hardware: HWg-STE
  • Download:



SCADA, Modbus/TCP, OPC, SCADA system, Modbus/TCP driver

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