AN37: Box-2-Box Connection: Poseidon >> Damocles

Box-2-Box mode connects inputs and outputs between two different units without any software. Poseidon communicates with Damocles using SNMP traps and transfers changes at an input to a remote output.
Box-2-Box mode enables direct communication between two devices over a network, without any PC or software. How to configure Box-2-Box connection from a Poseidon 3268 unit to a Damocles 1208 unit

  • Transfer of status using SNMP trap
  • Input is a contact or a sensor connected to any Poseidon or Damocles model
  • Output can be a relay or an open collector of any Damocles unit
  • Link between the controlling input and the controlled output is established by specifying the same "#01" string in the name of the input and the name of the output

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