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HWg-SDK 4.14.0

4.14.010/25/2013 - 23:2012.51 MB
* ADDED: Supports device Poseidon2, HWg-PWR 3/12, HWg-SMS-Gateway, I/O Controller2, HWg-STE Plus * CHANGED: SdkClasses - a lot of fixes and improvements in classes TSession, TPush and TIoxml2 * FIXED: Lots of other mistakes and problebms
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HWg-SDK 4.13.0

4.13.010/21/2012 - 19:1311.96 MB
- CHANGED: Default install directory - standard system directory Public/Documents - CHANGED: No libraries are copied in directory Windows\System32. All DLL libraries are in directory \lib and this path is added into system environment variable PATH - ADDED: SdkClasses - new classes TSession, TPush and TIoxml2 -ADDED: Examples EX128, EX129, EX130, EX131 and EX232 - CHANGED: During loading hwgapi.dll is called function xmlInitParser() from libxml2 library
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HWg-SDK 4.12.0

4.12.004/14/2012 - 21:509.94 MB
ADDED: supports device HWg-PWR(25) ADDED: a few new features and improvements FIXED: lots of mistakes and problems
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HWg-SDK 4.11.0

4.11.005/04/2010 - 22:3110.65 MB
- ActiveX PosDamAx.dll depends on hwgapi.dll (new), netsnmp.dll and libxml2.dll (previous version depended only on netsnmp.dll and libxml2.dll) - hwxml_open(), hwxml_open_many() - fixed mistake (after creating thread error was all XML modul blocked until restart application)
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HWg-SDK 4.10.0

4.10.002/08/2010 - 12:1410.56 MB
* ADDED: Documentation and examples for HWg-STE device * ADDED: All modules and classes support DNS names * CHANGED: New version of Damocles's MIB table * CHANGED: MS Visual C#, MS Visual C++ 6.0 and MS Visual Basic 6.0 examples converted to Visual Studio 2008 * FIXED: Several litlle mistakes and improvements in all module and classes
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HWg-SDK 4.9.0

4.9.011/26/2009 - 10:1010.39 MB
* CHANGED: Supports new version 2.36 of values.xml and setup.xml * ADDED: TIoXml a PodDamAx supported new units "DP C" and "kPa" * ADDED: NVT modul, TIoNvt, TIoNvtAx, XML module, TIoXml, TIoXmlAx support DNS names * ADDED: TIoNvt supports server mode (active mode of devices I/O Controller, PortBox and PortStore). New examples EX125 and EX626 demostrate this feature * FIXED: Several litlle mistakes and improvements in all module and classes
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HWg-SDK 4.8.0

4.8.003/08/2009 - 00:5110.4 MB
- ADDED: Supports I/O Controller 1204 (+ example EX124, EX424) - ADDED: New examples in section "All others examles" (from EX911 to EX917) - CHANGED: Implements extended version of UDP Setup. This alghorithm is compatible with older version - FIXED: NVT modul, TIoNvt, IoNvtAx - fixed problem of settings buadrate 57600 (wrong value 57200 was sent) - FIXED: Lots of litlle mistakes and improvements in all module and classes
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HWg-SDK 4.7.0

4.7.011/13/2008 - 11:498.3 MB
* ADDED: library SDK Classes, TTcps class - implementation of TCP Setup for General Charon 1 Converter, I/O Controller and PortStore/PortStore2 * ADDED: Examples EX601 and Ex602 for Linux, GUI written in GTK * ADDED: new example "EX123: IP Relay" * ADDED: new example "EX216: Poseidon 2251 Downloader" - download data from Posseidon 2251 * ADDED: new example "EX218: PortStore Downloader" - download data from PortStore * ADDED: library SDK Classes, TIoXml class - supports binary inputs of Spider * Library SDK Classes, TIoXml class - ADDED: Value MAC of TXmlSensorEnum structure * HWPLD module - CHANGED: supports new format of SNMP traps * ActiveX library PosDamAx, SnmpTraps class - CHANGED: supports new format of SNMP traps - CHANGED: names of structures and enums - CHANGED: structures and prototypes of events - CHANGED: property Status replaced with method GetStatus() * Library SDK Classes, TUdps and TIoNvt class - ADDED: Linux support * Library SDK Classes, TIoNvt class and * ActiveX library IoNvtAx, IoNvt class - FIXED: error in systems Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 - FIXED: a few little errors * FIXED: a few little errors

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