Temp-485-Pt100 "Cable"

Zrušený produkt

Sensor for measuring temperature using an external Pt100 probe (included). This Pt100 probe comes with a 2m cable, the converter is built into a wall-mountable, IP68 box. The cable for power supply, cable with the RS-485 line and the sensor are thus connected through one cable grommet. Designated for Poseidon 2250.
new model: http://hw-group.us/cs/senzor/temp-485-pt100-cable3

Základní vlastnosti: 
  • Input signal within the range of -55°C to +640°C
  • Suitable for factory environment, RS-485 line communication (up to 1000m distance)
  • Each sensor is tested and calibrated from factory, at extra cost it is possible to supply calibration protocols
  • The sensors works with SNMP thermometer Poseidon
Typické aplikace: 
  • Temperature monitoring in factories and industrial environment

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Teploměr tvoří krabička pro montáž na zeď, která obsahuje převodník RS-485 / teplotní senzor. Samotné čidlo Pt100/A je připojeno na 2 metry dlouhém kabelu a je součástí dodávky.