DHZ 5(x)/65 M-BUS (DHZ+)

Three-phase electronic electricity meter for direct and indirect measurement up to 65A
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1.2.8 and later

Pro zobrazení více hodnot než je jen spotřeba, je třeba elektroměr přidat rovněž s volbou REQ_UID1. Bude tedy v systému figurovat 2x se shodnou sekundární adresou. Více ZDE

The DHZ + is a digital 1, 2 or 4-tariff meter to measure positive (reference) and negative (delivery) active and reactive energy in 2, 3 and 4-wire systems.

  • Digital AC and three-phase meter for direct or transformer connection
  • Display of: energy value, display test, transducer constants, constant pulse, pulse length, M-bus addresses, baud rate, power, voltage, current, power factor and frequency
  • With load profile memory (only in conjunction with M-Bus interface), memory depth 12.000 entries (4 channels á 3,000 / channel)
  • Control button to display switch and device configuration
  • External tariff control for 2-rate design (58 ... 230 V)
  • Installation error detection
  • Pulse output in OptoMOSFET version max. 250 V AC / DC, 100mA (S0 satisfies specification)
  • Pulse factor and pulse width adjustable
  • Adjustable CT ratio
  • Optional with M-Bus interface
  • Optional internal battery to display activation-energized
  • Installation on mounting rail acc. EN 50022 (DIN 35)
  • Connection via 3-phase fork rail possible