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Selector of sensors fasten guide of devices, available for measurement of different technical and physical units. Please select type of sensing, available accessories will be displayed.


Favorite products

Poseidon2 4002

Secure solution for remote environment monitoring and control of outputs.

STE2 r2

WiFi and Ethernet, PoE available, temperature and humidity sensor with digital inputs. Up to 5 sensors of any RJ11 type.


Remote monitoring device with internal battery, connected to NB-IoT cellular network with external sensors (temperature, humidity, Voltage, ..).

Poseidon2 3268

Remote monitoring of sensors and detectors and control of relay outputs.

Ares 10 LTE

Economical GSM and LTE thermometer with remote management and alarm via ringing, SMS and e-mail.

Ares 12 LTE

Industrial measuring and monitoring for 14 sensors with GSM and LTE communication and back-up power.


Simple device for monitoring temperature, humidity. Includes Ethernet and WiFi connectivity.

Poseidon2 3468

Remote monitoring and control for industrial applications with 230 V/10 A relay outputs.


SD-WLD is a water leak detector with Ethernet and WiFi that detects the presence of water using a sensing cable.


WLD2 is a WiFi / Ethernet water leak detector with support for WWW, SNMP and PoE. To detect leaking liquids, it uses 4 sensing cables