NB-2x1Wire: Temperature and humidity monitoring device

A simple device for monitoring Temperature, Humidity, Voltage, Light, CO2, VoC and other RJ12 sensors on remote places. Narrowband IoT connectivity.

NB-2x1Wire is a device for connecting temperature, humidity or other 1-Wire sensors.

The device allows connecting four sensors with the 1-Wire or 1-Wire UNI bus.

It is powered by an internal battery with up to 3 years of lifetime or external power supply. 

The device can be monitored and configured remotely using the SensDesk portal and the SensDeskMobile app or free HWg-cloud.

  • Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) connectivity
  • Internal battery with up to 3 years lifetime
  • Ext. Power adaptor 5V / internal battery
  • Simple installation, remote device adoption
  • Hundreds of available sensors
  • Secure and reliable
  • Easy setup with a few clicks
  • Metal housing, DIN and rack mount available
  • Portal service not included (HWg-cloud.com only)
Applications and usage: 
  • Air conditioning failure detection
  • Temperature monitoring in refrigerators
  • HVAC monitoring
  • HVAC optimization
  • Food storage

Horizontal menu

Choose any Sensor / Detector you need

Supports all 1W-UNI sensors (4 values)

  • Temperature sensors (Indoor / Outdoor / Cryo)
  • Calibrated temperature sensors
  • Relative Humidity sensors (Indoor / Outdoor)
  • CO2 & VOC sensors
  • Light sensor
  • AC / DC Current sensors
  • AC Voltage (0-230V) sensor
  • 4-20 mA sensors (converter) for industrial probes
  • Water flood sensor (spot detection)
  • WLD (Water Leak Detection) by external sensing cable
  • Airflow detector
  • Door contact detector
  • PIR motion detector
  • Gas leak detector
  • Power presence (110/230V) detector
  • Vibration detector

SensDesk Technology portal is required

The SensDesk Technology is a portal solution from the HW group to manage remote sensors and devices (only for HW group products). Portals offer a central overview of all the values and provide a variable combination of features like sending the alarms, reporting, history record, outputs into the Open API etc.

  • NB Device has to be connected to any SensDesk Technology-based portal (SaaS).
  • There are several Portal providers available, users can migrate the device between their portals.
  • Manufacturer provides a limited free portal (HWg-cloud.com) as the default pre-configured option.
  • Even the free & limited portal service (HWg-cloud.com) can send email alerts and offers basic remote device management.
  • One of the available portals is paid service www.SensDesk.com
    • Several subscription plan options
    • SMS / Voice call alerts to any mobile phone
    • Graphs / MultiGraphs (data history)
    • PDF reports
    • Email alerts/alarm escalation
    • Open API: All sensor values are available via XML / SNMP protocols


Sensor values in graphs & reports

You can easily create comprehensible reports with graphical representations of temperature in one or a number of locations.

SensDesk system showing sensor value graphs alerts you when the device is not working or any sensor is out of defined limits. For an example of working with charts in SensDesk, see the application note.


Subscribed device (delivered with prepaid NB-IoT SIM card)

Default version of this product is called "subscribed". It's delivered with 3 years prepaid NB IoT SIM card included by HW group. Connectivity is provided by Vodafone, device can be in used in most of the countries. Remote device management and sensors monitoring is available via SensDesk service. Contact us for details.

3rd party SIM card for NB-IoT

You can use your own sim card for NB-IoT network (not LTE) connectivity. Data can be delivered to your own hosted installation of the SensDesk portal.  It's recommended for projects 100+ devices..
Contact us for details.

Recommended products


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