Temp-1Wire 3m calibrated - On request

Temperature sensor (-10°C to +80°C) with calibration certificate in 3 points (-5°C, 25°C and 78°C). Sensor on 3 meters long cable with 1-Wire connector RJ11, probe encased in white covering with yellow mark.

  • Temp. measuring accuracy ± 0.3 °C in range from -10°C to +80°C
  • Can be mounted
  • 3m connection cable
  • Easy RJ11 connection
  • Dongle calibration using 1W-UNI USB calibrator. Software HWg-UniCalibrator is free.
Applications and usage: 
  • Food industry precise measurement
  • Pharmaceutical industry with high precision
  • Technological premises with calibration of values
  • 1W-UNI USB calibrator contains the USB-RJ11 module and the HWg-UniCalibrator software

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Calibrated digital temperature sensor for indoor usage. The sensor is designed for using with the Poseidon, Ares, HWg-STE and other HW group products.
You can have several parallel sensors on one RJ11 sensor port. Each one sensor is identified by a unique serial number.
Sensor delivered with 3 points calibration sheet.

The information about time related sensors precision and the need for calibration can be found in this application note https://hw-group.us/support/sensor-accuracy-over-time.

You can also get a sensor with a calibration protocol.

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