HW group is a Czech dynamic technological company specialized in development, manufacturing and distribution of IoT, remote monitoring and control solutions for wide range of segments:

  •  IT environment monitoring (temperature, humidity, power, contacts, etc.)
  •  Data centers (rack access, equipment monitoring, etc.)
  •  Industrial applications (warehouses, pharmaceuticals industry, food industry, etc.)
  •  Security applications (IP surveillance systems, serial printer replacements, etc.)

Building environment and equipment, industrial sites or IT systems, need to monitor environment and operational conditions efficiently. An overview of selected variables such as temperature, pressure, dew point, lighting level, air quality, machine operation or vibration, enable the operator to respond appropriately.

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Many simple IT devices offer only a serial interface for local data handling and capture. With IP serial converters, remote data capture and system control via Ethernet, both LAN and WAN networks, can be easily implemented.

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Access control is an integral part of modern buildings and people's security. Access systems offer various solutions for different types of office and industrial buildings, public institutions and schools.

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We recommend to check the SensDesk portal and reset the ARES device connection. This step can be...

O Modbus/TCP v jednotkách Poseidon2 a Damocles 2 jsme si již psali zde : ...

Pro tuto ukázku jsme zvolili zařízení I/O Controler 2

I/O Controller 2 lze připojit proti...

In addition to sending a SMS alert, the HWg SMS gateway can alert the recipient by dialing a...

Both software utilities are activated in a comfortable manner. They communicate daily with our...

HWg-SMS-GW3 is a SMS gateway for sending text message alarms over a LAN. HWg-SMS-GW3 is...

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Top solutions

Datacenter environment monitoring and access control systems

Comprehensive solution of environment monitoring and access control for data centres.

Temperature monitoring in healthcare

Temperature monitoring in refrigerators and storages where pharmaceuticals and temperature-sensitive items are kept

Energy consumption in residential buildings

Efficient optimization and monitoring of energy consumption with our HWg-PWR device.