The HW group company is a manufacturer of an RME (Remote Monitoring Ecosystem). HW group Thermometers are used for remote monitoring of data centers, vaccine freezers, technology rooms etc. It’s also used for energy consumption metering.

•    Our products have a lifetime 5-15 years. Reliable remote monitoring & alerting.
•    Our customers are not buying just temperature probes.
•    Our customers are buying assurance that everything is OK in their remote location

What we do is a reliable Ecosystem for B2B customers with hundreds of devices and sensors in one project. The whole system is Industrial-grade, secure, and proven. It starts with one temperature sensor & ends with Voice-Call alert, PDF report, and graphs.

HW group company is based in Prague in the Czech Republic. Our portfolio now consists of more than 300 different product items and we distribute them globally with a network of 50 distributors, our distribution network span Europe, the Middle East, and South & North America.

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Standalone Monitoring products can be used independently (portal is not required). Devices are sending emails, can be connected via SNMP to NMS (Network Monitoring System). Standalone products are multi-purpose, device configuration is more complex and connecting the product to the portal is only one of the functions. Using a central portal does not limit the sending of alarms from the devices and other standalone functions.

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Many simple IT devices offer only a serial interface for local data handling and capture. With IP serial converters, remote data capture and system control via Ethernet, both LAN and WAN networks, can be easily implemented.

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Access control is an integral part of modern buildings and people's security. Access systems offer various solutions for different types of office and industrial buildings, public institutions and schools.

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Top solutions

Datacenter environment monitoring and access control systems

Comprehensive solution of environment monitoring and access control for data centres.

Temperature monitoring in healthcare

Temperature monitoring in refrigerators and storages where pharmaceuticals and temperature-sensitive items are kept

Energy consumption in residential buildings

Efficient optimization and monitoring of energy consumption with our HWg-PWR device.