HW group presents Perseus monitoring platform

After years of development, HW group's innovative monitoring platform is finally on the market. We are pleased to introduce the first two available models - Perseus Monitoring 150 and LTE-enabled Perseus Monitoring 155.

There are so many new features that come with Perseus, so we will focus on the most important ones first:

  • Meters API - ability to work with other HWg devices as well as 3rd party products;
  • Scheduler - local calendar based flexible scheduling;
  • Calculation formulas - ability to convert variables from one unit to another;
  • Templates - a repository for 3rd party compatible sensors;
  • Conditions and actions - each variable can have multiple conditions and actions;
  • Radius - centralized 802.1X security management;
  • LUA - local custom scripts that run on the device;
  • WLD - water leak detection zone input;
  • RS-485 - read and write support for Modbus/RTU meters;
  • Up to 100 external meters (sensors) with 1000 values (variables).

A unique feature of the Perseus products is the Meters Open API. This means that Perseus can read sensor values from other devices (e.g. STE2 R2) over LAN and use this data for analysis or alerting.

The combination of the RS-485 physical interface on the Perseus Monitoring 150 and Perseus Monitoring 155 and the Modbus-RTU Meters Open API allows data to be read from third party electricity meters, UPS or air conditioning products.

Perseus Monitoring 150 can be connected to the Portal (SensDesk Technology). Together with the Portal it’s a powerful solution for professional applications.

Within one Perseus Monitoring 150 unit there are useful 8 RJ11 ports for external 1W-UNI sensors, 16 DI ports (dry contacts), 1 WLD zone input for Water Leak Detection sensing cable, and 4 relay outputs. Perseus 150 can be powered from 9-30V, -48V or from PoE.

Perseus Monitoring 155 is an LTE-enabled twin-brother of the 150 model.

The Perseus Monitoring 155 unit includes a built-in LTE modem that acts as an SMS gateway for Perseus itself and other connected HW group devices, enabling SMS and Call alerts. 

In addition, the LTE modem allows for backup connectivity with SensDesk Technology, meaning the unit will remain operational in the event of an Ethernet connection failure.

Additional models will be available during 2024.