New video format on HW group Youtube channel

We have new series of videos on our Youtube channel. Video Flyers are short 2-5 minute videos where you can find all the important information about our popular products.

Each video is focused on one product or family of products. The video provides information about the product’s function and best usage.

Videos cover the complete range of our products in the main categories:

  • IoT device monitoring
  • Standalone devices
  • Sensors
  • Power supply

We bring in there comprehensive information about our WLD system or useful information about IoT monitoring devices.

Our video flyers could be well used as additional audiovisual information about the HW group products published on webshops and websites. All video flyers have precisely processed subtitles in English, and Youtube allows each user to set subtitles in another language as well.

Visit our Youtube channel to learn more about our Video Flyers and subscribe to be on track with new ones.

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