HW group introduces STE2 family devices.

The STE2 family includes three models: STE2 LITE, STE2 R2, and STE2 PLUS.

All of them offer dependable temperature monitoring with email alerts. SNMP or cloud service is available.

All STE2 family devices are easy to install and configure, and they offer a user-friendly interface for managing temperature and environment data.

They can be integrated with other HW group sensors, detectors and software, allowing users to create a comprehensive remote monitoring solution for their purposes.

Video Flyer about the whole STE2 family

Use cases of STE2 family

1) I want to send an email if there is too high/low temperature on the remote site.
2) I have there several sensors and would like to monitor them via the SNMP system.
3) There can happen water flood, too high temperatures or anything like on my remote site. It’s once per 10 years and every second does matter (SMS alerts, Voice Calls, Email Alerts, …)
4) I would like to have a display on the wall in front of the doors to the technological space (CO2, VoC, ..).
5) I would like to check the time-to-time temperature graph at the remote location.
6) I am selling service of remote site technical maintenance. I need a PDF report „All was good“ to attach to the invoice for my Services.
7) Monitoring medical / food storage space (graphs / PDF reports).
8) I would like to check remote site conditions (sensor values) on my mobile phone display anywhere / easy to share with my business colleagues.