Poseidon 2250

Poseidon 2250 logs the values from up to 40 probes (RS-485, dry contacts, temperature, voltage, and more). Data are stored in a flash memory. The device enables monitoring over IP (Web, SNMP, Modbus/TCP) and sends alerts to values out of range (e-mail, SNMP trap, SMS over GSM). Industrial probes (4–20mA and Pt100/Pt1000) are supported. The supplied HWg-PDMS application enables native export of data to MS Excel.

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  • A GSM modem for sending text messages (SMS) can be connected to RS-232
  • Device can send SMS by external "SMS GW" or be "SMS GW" for other devices
  • 1-Wire UNI probes: 1xRJ11 (max 10 probes)
  • RS-485 sensors : 1xRJ45 (max 26 probes)
  • Digital Inputs: 3 dry contact inputs (for detectors)
  • Digital Outputs: 2 digital outputs (RS-232 outputs)
  • SMS + Ring when alarm: Supported
  • Alerts (value out of defined safe range): SNMP trap alert, e-mail alert, web sms alert (SMS via GSM modem)
Applications and usage: 
  • Pharmacies:
    Monitoring and logging of storage conditions for pharmaceuticals
  • Bakeries, freezing plants:
    Monitoring of temperatures in the industry processes,
  • HACCP reporting A/C monitoring (HVAC):
    Long-term monitoring of system parameters, temperature humidity logger
  • Storages:
    Monitoring of temperatures, humidities, and other conditions; HACCP-compliant monitoring
  • SCADA systems: Connecting inputs of external values

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Poseidon 2250 captures values from connected probes and digital inputs and stores them in its internal memory (data logger). Supports up to 26 RS-485 probes, 10 1-Wire Uni sensors and has 3 digital inputs. The device enables monitoring and logging over IP for industrial applications and the values out of defined safe range are alerted by SNMP traps, Emails or SMS messages. Values captured from all sensors are periodically stored into the internal Flash memory. Stored values can be periodically e-mailed, imported into a database, or processed with MS Excel (native data import with HWg-PDMS). Typical applications include measuring and logging temperatures in pharmacy. Poseidon 2250 measures the temperature in four refrigerators, and monitors their doors. Values are stored in the flash memory and periodically e-mailed to a central server for processing.