HWg Upgrader

Application HWg-Upgrader allows mass firmware update/upgrade and configuration of HWg devices via Ethernet.

Licence type: 
SW version:
  • Allows mass HWg devices firmware update/upgrade via Ethernet.
  • Can filter devices from the list based on device type or based on their firmware version.
  • Can install downloaded firmware file or use a central HW group register.
  • configuration XML can be uploaded
  • Devices for upgrade can be selected:
  • Using UDP Setup – searches for devices in local network
  • Based on a list of IP addresses (txt file)

Horizontal menu

List of devices for automatic upgrade is defined in TXT file.

Each device is defined as single line in following format:


- http:// is optional
- port is optional
- name:pass (optional, when used)
- Empty lines are ignored
- Lines starting by # are considered as comment