Poseidon 4002

Poseidon 4002 is a 19" 1U rack mount system for datacenter temperature and environment monitoring. The Poseidon solution monitors racks and computer rooms (temperature, humidity, electricity supply, access to the room, detectors). Alerting works by e-mail, SNMP traps, SMS, output relays.

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  • Response to thresholds: SNMP trap, E-mail, SMS
  • GSM modem: A GSM modem for sending text messages (SMS) can be connected to RS-232
  • SMS Gateway: Device can send SMS by external "SMS GW" or be "SMS GW" for other devices.
  • SMS + Ring when alarm: Supported
Applications and usage: 
  • Data centers Rack mount environment monitoring
  • Remote rack monitoring
  • Computer room temperature SNMP environment monitoring system
  • Air-conditioning monitoring A/C operation and water leak detection
  • Computer room temperature Humidity in the datacenter (inside racks, in the A/C outlet, under the raised floor)
  • Rack mount temperature monitoring system
  • UPS / back-up generator monitoring
    Fuel level, diesel generator status, remote start over IP, monitoring of temperature and service contacts
  • Security systems
  • IP surveillance systems (external sensors)
  • Equipment status, access control systems

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SNMP based environment monitoring and output control solution for data centers. Poseidon 4002 is a 19" 1U rack mount system for datacenters, racks and computer rooms monitoring (temperature, humidity, electricity supply, access to the room, detectors) and output control solution. Reacts to alarms by sending e-mails, SNMP traps, SMS messages and setting output relays. A typical application is starting/stopping the recording and controlling the pan/tilt & zoom of an IP camera connected with a door contact. When a cabinet door is opened, the camera focuses to it and keeps recording for as long as the door is open.