Flood detector LD-12

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The LD-12 flood detector is designated for spot water detection or for detecting excessively high water levels. The water detector can be connected to a dry-contact digital input (Poseidon, Damocles, I/O Controller). The detector is equipped with a transistor at the output and requires a 12V DC power supply.

  • Flood detection
  • Water level detection
Applications and usage: 
  • Simple contact spot water detection
  • 12V power supply

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Water Leak Detection system and spot water detection from HW group

WLD sensing cable detects liquid along the entire length of the sensing cable across the extent area and even the smallest amount of liquid can send the alert. Thanks to the early alert (reaction time 1-5 minutes) significant damages to IT or other infrastructure can be avoided.

Spot water detector detects water only in one spot and has to be entirely flooded. This means you will not be alerted immediately when a water pipe breaks but only after the area is considerably flooded.

Learn more about the difference between the WLD system with sensing cable and water spot detection in the application note: WLD (Water Leak Detection) with Sensing cable versus Spot water detection

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